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Haim Goldenberg

Mentalist & Mind Reader | Star of GoldMind TV Show


Toronto-based Haim Goldenberg is one of the world’s most respected mentalists, a Canadian TV star and corporate entertainer. If you think you’ve seen mind-reading before, you’re in for a mental surprise. His television show GoldMind continues to inspire, amaze and entertain viewers all over the world.  +

Haim Goldenberg has traveled the world, captivating audiences with a combination of charm, wit and incredible talent. The star of the critically acclaimed television series GoldMind, Haim took his first foray into the world of mentalism at the age of six after seeing a performance by Uri Geller, a famous Israeli mentalist. It took two years of daily ritual mind exercises and control, but he eventually mastered his first feat of bending spoons.

Haim has driven blindfolded in heavy traffic through Toronto and Tel Aviv. He has done “trans-Atlantic” mind readings. He even helped the Toronto Maple Leafs win a hockey game! And in a particularly shocking performance at a children’s hospital, he stopped his pulse in front of stunned doctors.

Haim Goldenberg is considered by his peers to be one of the brightest new minds in mentalism. He has consistently said in interviews that he differentiates himself from other mentalists by aiming to instill hope in his audience and inspire them via his live appearances and his television series. Haim makes you believe in the power of the human mind.

High profile clients that have been dazzled by Haim Goldenberg’s incredible live show include Coca Cola, McDonalds, Metro Grocers and the Toronto Raptors.  --

Show Description


One of Canada’s top mentalists and corporate entertainers, Haim Goldenberg, has a unique ability to deliver a mind-blowing show filled with humor and inspiration. Never condescending, always in conversation with his audience, he takes them on a journey beyond the boundaries of their minds.

Haim Goldenberg is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, fees & booking Haim Goldenberg, contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Haim's show is mesmerizing and must be seen live. You will remember it for months, if not years, to come.

–Cadesky & Associates LLP


Haim's show is mesmerizing and must be seen live. You will remember it for months, if not years, to come.

–Cadesky & Associates LLP

Haim is both charismatic and compelling his abilities are extraordinary. You will be left in awe!

–National Bank Financial

We've had the pleasure of working with Haim on several client events, and his show has been a huge success each time!

–Wynford Group



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