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Marc André Morel

Bilingual Motivational Speaker: Destined to Succeed


Audiences love Marc André Morel’s content-rich but accessible material filled with stories, analogies, humour and energy. Part of what makes him so compelling is the strength of his message, delivered with passion, creativity and authenticity. His charismatic delivery and style inspire participants to immediately take action and use it at work and in their personal lives, making the total experience even more enriching. With the ability to deliver inspiring, effective and entertaining presentations and workshops in either (or both) English and French, he consistently earns rave reviews from companies, corporations and associations across Canada, the United States and Europe. [more]

Founder of Morel Leadership International and duLeader Publishing, he is one of Canada's top self-leadership experts, as he has delivered close to two thousand inspiring, educating and entertaining sessions to both English and French audiences across Canada, the United States and Europe. With four published titles, he is a best-selling author, columnist, coach and consultant.

After earning his Commerce degree from Concordia University in Montreal, he accumulated several coveted corporate sales and leadership awards, including the Multiple Sclerosis Leadership 2002 Award for his professional excellence and outstanding community contribution. Marc André has also earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the International Association for Professional Speakers. He has been interviewed and has appeared in various National television, radio and print Medias for his premiere expertise on Personal and Professional Leadership.

Dedicated to make a difference for adults, but also for youth, he is actively involved in his community to help strengthen the leadership of the next generation as well as to help promote life and perseverance in education. His own personal and inspiring story as a teenager is featured in the acclaimed Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul.  It was at the age of 16 that he delivered his first motivational keynote in front of an audience of 1200 people!

Whether you want to motivate your team members, help improve employee morale, teamwork or communication, increase sales and profits, reduce stress or embrace change, Marc André Morel’s programs are the solution. He will raise the conscious level of your group, open their hearts and lift their spirits.


Becoming the Best That We Can Be

We are destined to succeed. Life and Nature has prepared us for success! Get the most from your employees and your teams’ potential by helping them be conscious of this striking reality, let go of past limiting beliefs, to think and act differently and take full responsibility for their results. Being the best I can be for me, my family, my team, my organization and my clients. Inspiring, entertaining and motivating!

Letting Go, Moving On and Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

We need to stop improving and start transforming ourselves! Human beings have survived over the millenniums thanks to their innate ability to adapt. The business world and our work environment is no exception. This program presents the advantages – and the necessities – of change. Using convincing analogies and metaphors, help your employees get rid of their fear of losing the known to put their ego aside and build their confidence to become comfortable with the uncomfortable!

Unity Through Responsibility, Adaptability and Collaboration

It is part of the Human Nature to interact with others. But why is it so challenging to be so effective in doing so? We are destined to succeed as teams. This is how the Human creature has survived through time. Our sense of survival, security, ego and motivation for recognition are all great personal success motivators. But they can be alarming barriers to our success as a team. Create durable synergy, improve communications, attitudes and help retain your best employees. With humor, this program proposes unforgettable metaphors and ideas.

How to Perform and Be at Your Best no Matter What

Did you know that 54% of workers experience professional exhaustion once in their life-time? Burn-out is the #1 cause of LTD claims in Canada. Based on his personal experience and enriched with his research on the matter, this session is purposefully delivered on a light and humoristic note. Help your employees rediscover the sense of success and garner ideas on what to do to be at their best.

Modern Strategies for Attracting and Keeping Clients

Why are your clients leaving you? Why is Customer Satisfaction useless? Do you know what your “perfect” clients really want? Are you aiming big like old times or targeting low with perfect focus? Learn the top five ways to impress your clients. Are you misusing Social Networks? Are you remarkable and what do you do to make a real difference? The strategies of the past decades no longer work. Be ready!

For more information and booking Marc André Morel, simply contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Marc Andre, you did a fantastic job facilitating for our Direct Marketing Team. The group was interested, involved and intrigued by your presentation and your ability to relate to their ‘reality’. Each element of your talk was covered with examples involving both humour and independent reflection.

–Bell Mobility


Marc Andre, you did a fantastic job facilitating for our Direct Marketing Team. The group was interested, involved and intrigued by your presentation and your ability to relate to their ‘reality’. Each element of your talk was covered with examples involving both humour and independent reflection.

–Bell Mobility

Marc Andre presented material that is always needed to grow. He also presents some new ideas. It shows that he really uses this method and believes in what he is teaching. Thank you for your energy. It was moving.

–Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare

Your performance was powerful and moving.


He's a combination of inspirational speaker, comedian, and spiritual guru.

–Merck Frosst

Marc André Morel was incredible, very to the point, hilarious and entertaining. I would definitely attend another of his presentations. He was very motivational. He made the topic very interesting and made me want to treat myself and others in more positive manner.

–Advanced Chemistry Development



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