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Maurice O'Callaghan

Author, Change Expert & Inspiring Motivational Speaker


Maurice O'Callaghan is one of Canada's finest and most popular professional speakers. Timeless values, unforgettable experiences and humour are skillfully integrated into every presentation. Through his exceptional delivery and powerful insights, audiences learn practical and proven approaches to enriching their lives as individuals and as critical members of the organizations that depend upon them. Hearing Maurice is a unique, inspiring and life changing experience.

A senior manager for three decades with one of Canada's most successful corporations, Maurice O'Callaghan has extensive experience in the fields of customer service, marketing, communications, public relations and human development. He provides practical, unforgettable approaches to managing change, being the best we can be and building teams. Maurice is listed in Who's Who in Professional Speaking, and has been featured in various media. He also played professional football with the Toronto Argonauts Football Club.


A Magic Way of Going - Managing Change

A Magic Way of Going is a presentation about managing change positively and the remarkable opportunities that await us in a world which no longer fits geographic or economic boundaries. It is delivered by one of Canada's finest and most popular professional speakers, Maurice O'Callaghan, who brings something special to every audience. He changes the way we see ourselves.

A Magic Way of Going is a journey that will change your life and the lives you touch each day. This is a seminar that will show you how to balance your personal and professional life, how to turn problems into opportunities and how to use creative thought to energize yourself and your organization. It will introduce you to your own limitless possibilities.

No matter what your goals or accomplishments, A Magic Way of Going will give you a new perspective on what is possible. It is about how ordinary people can do extraordinary things. It is a journey you will be glad you began because it will last forever.

The Art of Being Professional

The Art of Being Professional is a seminar on managing professionally which teaches managers the important lessons first, lessons that are usually learned only through painful experience. It is about core values and leading in ways that produce positive results, excellent relationships and great places to work. Management is an art, not a science, a skill in performance acquired by study, observation, reflection and experience. The Art of Being Professional is about how ordinary people can lead, manage and motivate others to do exceptional things.

Developed and delivered by Maurice O'Callaghan, this presentation provides over one hundred great ideas learned during a thirty year career as a senior manager with one of Canada's most successful corporations. It is a masters' course on managing which every new manager or supervisor must attend. And it's a great refresher for experienced managers who need to manage increasing spans of control and work loads in a fast changing environment. It provides direct, simple and easy to apply ideas that will save countless hours of unproductive time.

The Art of Being Professional will help everyone with management responsibility find more time, create better working experiences, build stronger teams and increase their professional effectiveness.

Discovering Fire

Like the ballet dancer who spends her life before the mirror, we each require mirrors to help us to grow, mature and remain young at heart.

Discovering Fire is about how people do that. It is about relationships and what we can do when we understand the need for others in our lives. It chronicles the stories of ordinary people who saw life differently, accomplished remarkable things and changed the lives of others in the process.

Discovering Fire presents four principles to provide direction and focus to our personal and professional lives and shows us how to use the reflectors in the world around us. It is rich with stories that captivate and encourage audiences to make significant and lasting changes in their lives.

Designed especially for caregivers, educators and people who care for and about other people, Discovering Fire provides perspectives to rekindle and reenergize the spirit.

Giants and Champions

Winston Churchill said of Winnipeg's William Stevenson, the man called "Intrepid," and his team of intelligence agents, "We may feel sure that nothing of which we have any knowledge, ever done by mortal men, surpasses their daring and feat of arms."

William Stevenson is typical of the Canadians you will meet in Maurice O'Callaghan's marvellous story, Giants and Champions - a story that takes you through 100 years of Canadian history and celebrates the exceptional talents and accomplishments of the people who built the largest nation on earth. It is an incredible story of sacrifice, bravery and excellence that will make you laugh, cry and feel proud to be Canadian.

Giants and Champions chronicles the achievements of an amazing nation whose people have, in every field of endeavor, changed the course of history. It is the story of Canadians who perform the impossible with scarcely a sound.

Giants and Champions will give you an entirely new perspective on Canada and the unlimited potential of your tomorrows. Hearing Maurice O'Callaghan talk about Canada is a unique and moving experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

If They Could See Me Now

If They Could See Me Now is a powerful seminar about belief and how we can reach for new horizons when we have the support of others. Realizing our potential in both our personal and professional lives cannot be done without the belief and the assistance of others. This program is about how to make this happen.

If They Could See Me Now draws on the speaker's own experiences as a young boy and chronicles the stories of some amazing people who changed the world by the power of their own belief and the belief others had in them. It is a journey that has lessons for us all, whether we are parents, teachers, bosses or coaches. Every day there are opportunities to help others fly and to grow our own wings.

If They Could See Me Now is a session guaranteed to change the way you see your life and the other people in it and to help you and them, reach for the stars.

It Helps If You're Crazy

It Helps If You're Crazy is a laugh filled hour which will help you find the humour in almost any situation. It will improve your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, eat up a few calories and introduce you to a new and positive way of dealing with a world that changes faster than anyone could possibly know. It Helps If You're Crazy will introduce you to the power of humour and how developing a comic vision can improve your Iife, your work, your creativity and your health. It's a look at what makes us laugh, how tragedy becomes humorous and the powerful effect humour has on human relationships both personal and professional. It will help you find the humour in challenging situations and give you a new perspective on the most difficult problems.

It Helps If You're Crazy is a program filled with hilarious antidotes from sports, politics and daily life. Just being there will make you feel better. Or as Anonymous once said, "Laughter is God's hand upon the shoulder of a troubled world."

On the Shoulders of Giants

Sir Isaac Newton said, "If I have been able to see further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." He attributed much of his remarkable success to work done by others. On The Shoulders of Giants is about how to create environments where people feel valued and where they are encouraged to become partners in growth and success. On The Shoulders of Giants is about how to ensure survival and success in the most competitive time in the history of Western civilization. It is about trust, enriching the work place, building employee loyalty and freeing the giants in your organization.

On The Shoulders of Giants is rich with examples of how to build a future with the people who have a stake in it, your employees. Maurice O'Callaghan brings to the speaking platform, thirty years of managerial experience to deliver an exceptional presentation on one of the most critical elements of managing the present and creating the future. If you have the responsibility of managing or supervising people, this is a program you will not want to miss.

One in a Billion

Every day in North America there are billions of transactions. But there is only one that is really important. It's the one that your customer is currently involved in.

One in a Billion provides a unique way of seeing and understanding what great service looks like and how to make each customer feel important. It reveals how to treat customers so they come back for more and bring others with them.

One in a Billion is designed to change the way service is provided. It's based on the concept that all of us are in the service business and the service which any group or organization provides is an accumulation of the quality of the entire service chain. Within that chain, each of us makes a critical difference.

One in a Billion is filled with humour and wonderful examples of how the "wow" factor can make the difference between ordinary transactions and extraordinary service. It provides easy to use ideas and practical examples of how to ensure that each customer experience is truly "One in a Billion." In the most competitive time in history, this is a seminar no one can afford to miss.

Speaking Professionally

Speaking Professionally is a seminar which teaches you how to make professional presentations every time. You will learn the techniques used by the world's most successful professional speakers.This program includes dozens of powerful tips to help you deliver effective speeches and presentations.

Among the topics covered are:

  • building a talk from the ground up;
  • how to create a great opening and close;
  • getting your audience involved;
  • using personal stories to make your talk unique;
  • when to use notes and how to do it effectively;
  • why and how to write a professional introduction;
  • handouts, when and how to use them;
  • controlling questions;
  • the use and misuse of humour;
  • visual aids, when, where and how to use them;
  • making physical arrangements work for you;
  • turning a microphone into a partner;
  •  how to cope with nervousness.

There are few skills more valuable than the ability to speak with confidence. Studies prove that speaking in public ranks as our number one fear ahead of death. Attending this seminar will change your fear of speaking into a platform of opportunity.

The Vimy Ridge Experience

In the cold grey dawn of Easter Monday 1917, one hundred thousand Canadian soldiers attacked the impregnable fifty story fortress known as Vimy Ridge. In six hours they did what two great British and French armies had tried unsuccessfully to do for over two years. They captured Vimy Ridge. An army of civilians from a country with no military tradition changed the course of history. The principles they used are not about war and they are still valid a generation later.

The Vimy Ridge Experience is an inspiring insight into one of history's greatest military victories and the leadership principles, which made it possible. The lessons learned at Vimy Ridge are about people and process and being the best that we can be. They are about attitudes and teamwork and how ordinary people can do extraordinary things under the most difficult circumstances. This program is about success and succeeding in the face of incredible odds.

The Vimy Ridge Experience provides the concepts necessary to survive and grow in a global village, concepts that are essential to the life of every organization. It is a moving, unforgettable experience that presents a different sense of what is possible and how to make it happen. The Vimy Ridge Experience will broaden your horizons and raise the expectations of both you and your organization.

We all have our Vimy Ridges. They can be conquered by people working together with a shared vision and a genuine belief in, and concern for, each other. The Vimy Ridge Experience is a remarkable seminar on leadership and teamwork.

Maurice O'Callaghan is represented by K&M Productions for speaking engagements. For more information and booking Maurice O'Callaghan, simply contact us.


Your presentation was brilliant – a magical blend of inspiration and entertainment. I wish you peace, blessings and continued happiness as you bring joy and meaning to the lives of thousands.



Your presentation was brilliant – a magical blend of inspiration and entertainment. I wish you peace, blessings and continued happiness as you bring joy and meaning to the lives of thousands.


Nothing but great feedback on your session has been received! Thank you for making our event a resounding success!

–Corporate Policy & Planning, Government of Canada

The comments for your session are sensational!  You are very special.

–General Motors of Canada

Last weekend my husband and I had the privilege of hearing your speak. It was the most amazing, inspiring presentation that we’ve ever heard.

–Grey-Bruce Veterinary Association

The wonderful comments received about you have been amazing.

–Shoppers Drug Mart

Your wonderful message captivated the audience. You were the highlight of the conference.


A brief note to thank you for your amazing presentation Wednesday. You touched our hearts and helped us put our careers and personal lives into proper perspective.

–Siemens Canada Limited



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