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(NOTE: Speakers on Team Work can be found here.)

We take pride in providing our clients with powerful experiential team building learning programs. Whether you are looking for a fun way for a new group of co-workers to get to know one another, celebrate a company milestone, create an employee bonding experience or simply interested in boosting employee morale, K&M Productions along with our award-winning partners, can design the perfect Team Bonding program for you.

Our customized Toronto (and area) team building programs will enable groups of all kinds to learn about one another, build stronger teams, and enhance group performance. Included within the following offerings are programs that offer interactive activities ranging from ice breakers, which simply promote interaction in a fun manner, to challenging initiatives designed to pinpoint specific group problems, break through impasses and achieve new goals. All that is needed is a willingness to participate and an openness to explore.

The results of participating in a team building program range from simple group bonding and building of team spirit to more complex team issues such as improving communication, more effective leadership and management, and developing action plans for effective teamwork. Participants leave our programs energized, better able to work toward implementing change and accomplishing team tasks. The team building experience not only empowers people; it is also great fun!

Currently Showcasing ...

booking magician anthony lindan teambuilding workshops
Anthony Lindan
Our most affordable & value-added program for smaller groups
(15-80 people)

booking drum cafe drumming teambuilding
Musical Team Building
& Corporate Entertainment

booking interactive teambuilding workshop summit teambuilding events
Adventure, Learning & Fun!

booking interactive teambuilding workshop conundrum team building scavenger hunt amazing race puzzle solving
Building Teams - One Puzzle at a time;
Scavenger Hunt, Team Building & Much More!

booking interactive rock band teambuilding rock the stars team building event
Fun and Innovative Musical
Team Building Experience!

murder mystery team buidling murder mystery team building dinner theatre team building dinner theatre
Team Buidling can be Murder (and FUN!)

booking casino equipment dealers toronto casino events
Poker & Casino Events
Host your own "Celebrity" Poker Tournament!

booking the raspyni brothers comic jugglers team building
The Raspyni Brothers
World Famous Jugglers /

Team-Builders & Motivators

booking roman danylo comedian teambuilding workshops
Roman Danylo
"Think Fast" Team-Building Workshops
Using Humour to Increase Productivity

For more information on Team Buidling programs, contact us.

Team Bonding Experiential Workshops [more...]

K&M Productions represents some of the best corporate team building programs for conferences and corporate events in Toronto, Ontario and all across Canada. Our team building facilitators' experience is extensive and includes a great variety of different types of programs for smaller groups of 20-30 people, right up to 100s.

Some of our most requested corporate team building programs include: Team building magician Anthony Lindan, The Drum Cafe, Summit Team Building, Conundrum Adventures, Scavenger Hunts, Amazing Races, Puzzle solving, Rock The Stars, Murder Mysteries, The Raspyni Brothers, and Roman Danylo's improv workshops.

Team building brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. People on your team are asked to think about the implications of the activities on their workplace.

One of the most powerful reasons for team building is to get results. Through a series of planned team building events that are fun and motivational, teams builds skills like communication, planning, problem-solving. thinking outside the box and conflict resolution. Team bonding ideas that work help boost employee morale and increase work place productivity by fostering deeper, genuine connections within workplace relationships.

Here’s are six reasons and results to book Toronto Team Building Events:

1. Communication and working better together.

To no surprise, communication and working better together is the top reason why people choose team building. Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with anyone.

The best part about team building is that the activities actually work to accomplish this. A successful team building activity will mean a more comfortable, successful workplace environment for any company, large or small.

2. Collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity.

People tend to have a larger imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with. So, successful team building events not only bring people closer together but they also lead to more successful and creative workplace ideas. Also, everyday workplace collaboration is key to a successful business. For example, a coach always has assistants to help out when needed.

3. Celebration, team spirit, fun, and motivation.

After any sports team wins a major championship, they celebrate and have fun. This motivates them to want to win even more. This extreme example shows that the celebration, cheering, and fun that come with every Team Building event can motivate employees to bring their job to the next level.

4. Competition and bragging rights.

Competition has been shown to increase production. So, by channeling that increased production into a fun, inclusive team building activity, employees can bond in a way impossible by other means.

5. Teamwork and boosting team performance.

Team bonding activities also improve workplace projects that involve teamwork. After completing team building activities together, employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together on future progress vital to a company.

6. Networking, socializing, and getting to know each other better.

Socializing and making friends in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office. Not only does it increase morale in the office, it also allows for the office to work better solving everyday workplace issues.

With the benefit of our extensive experience and expertise in providing top Toronto team building and team bonding events, K&M Productions is your trusted partner in assisting you with the right group activities for your next conference, meeting or corporate event. [less]

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