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Michael Kerr - The Workplace Energizer - www.kmprod.com/michael-kerrMICHAEL KERR
Culture at Work is Everything, and Everything is Culture

Why choose between humour and content when you can have both? Mike Kerr is one of North America’s leading authorities on fostering innovative and inspiring workplace cultures. His presentations—known for introducing practical ideas that audiences can put to work immediately—are delivered in a truly unforgettable and hilarious fashion for maximum impact. Below, Mike explains why your workplace culture is so important

Michael Kerr - The Workplace Energergizer - www.kmprod.com/michael-kerrIt doesn’t matter what you do, whether you are in the government or private business: Culture drives success.

When I use the word “culture,” I’m referring to your workplace’s personality. Your DNA.  How you do the things you do.  I’m talking about an ecosystem, holistic, long term perspective of your workplace and recognizing that everything in work is interconnected to everything else.

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DONALD COOPER : Business Management, Marketing, and Service Expert

Donald Cooper - www.kmprod.comDONALD COOPER
Bringing Clarity To Your Corporate Vision

The Globe and Mail’s Harvey Schacter interviews business management, marketing, and service expert Donald Cooper for his thoughts on the importance of a clear corporate vision:

When Toronto-based consultant Donald Cooper runs a corporate workshop, he displays the company’s mission statement, vision statement, statement of values and statement of purpose – but he hides the label for each chunk of text. Then he asks the employees to identify which statement is which. Rarely do they get it right.

It’s an example of the big failing in the businesses that he tries to fix – a lack of clarity. “Businesses have no clarity about what they want to do and how to get there and how to behave along the way. Our first job is clarity,” Mr. Cooper said in an interview.

For the past seven years, he has worked to develop simple, practical, logical approaches – one-page templates, meant to be presented in clear language – that can help companies gain that clarity.

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Nicholas Boothman – Rapport & Communications Expert

Get Boost – Connect like you Give a Damn

I care passionately about human potential – and it shows. I give a damn about my books, my readers and my corporate speaking clients – and it shows. 80 percent of all my speaking engagements are word of mouth and repeat business, 5 of them in September alone.

When you give a damn, you give energy – good quality energy. When you don’t you zap energy. In my neck of the woods, Herrington’s Butchers in Port Perry, Whyte Total Personal Fitness in Whitby and Zest Restaurant in Port Hope are all 20 minutes farther away than their competition, but they really give a damn about their products, services and clients – and it shows. They flourish and grow while their imitators come and go.  Why?  Because human beings are energy systems. We thrive on the quality and the quantity of the energy we get from other people.

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Amanda Gore – Communications & Customer Service Expert

Business is all about feelings.

Carl Buechner said that “people will forget what you say; they will forget what you do; but they will never forget how you made them feel!”

Do you remember the best boss you ever had?
What made them the best?

Wasn’t it that they genuinely cared for you and you felt that they were interested in you and your growth?  That you felt they believed in you? And they probably did!

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Sam Geist – Business Management, Sales & Service Expert

2012 Business Strategy

As I sat down to write, it seemed to me that 2011 was both one of the most difficult and most rewarding years I’ve witnessed in a very long time. Why so difficult? — Because reality finally set in.  My clients realized that the issues they’ve avoided addressing for the longest time, could no longer be parked. The internal issues had to be faced. The external pressures had to be addressed. Why so rewarding? — Because some of them saw the writing on the wall, began to address these issues and actually see results from their effort.

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