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Your Kids Will Be Raised By A.I.

What does it take to lead a 21st century company? Can we re-imagine the way we do business? Mike Walsh prepares business leaders for what’s next. A leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behavior, and fast growth markets, Mike brings his unique insights into the growing influence of new markets on breakthrough innovation and business transformation. He expertly distils his insights into tailored keynotes that allow any audience to influence the future direction of their industry. Below, Mike writes on the very real possibility that artificial intelligence will play a role in the upbringing of the next generation of children:

Ask someone to picture AI, and they will most likely think about Terminators, psychotic fembots or angry robots from Hollywood central casting. But what makes AI actually frightening is not that it is ‘sci-fi’, but the that it is, in fact, already deeply embedded into our daily lives. If you have a child born post 2007, chances are that they have already been shaped by algorithms and digital platforms.

Here’s my view — from toys to teaching, AI is profoundly influencing human development from childhood and beyond. When your five-year-old has a thousand more questions than you have patience to answer, Amazon’s Alexa speaking through your living room Echo speaker, will be there to respond. If not Alexa, then Apple’s Siri, or Google, through their new Google Home device. Algorithms influence what your children watch on YouTube, the content of their social feeds, their interactions on Minecraft, as well as monitoring the temperature of their bedrooms, and their sleeping, exercise and eating habits.

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BLOG: Speaker Warren Macdonald: Uncertainty & Changing Your Perspective

Warren Macdonald - Motivational Speaker & Change Expert - www.kmprod.com/warren-macdonald


Warren Macdonald has climbed over obstacles most people cannot imagine. Having lost both of his legs from a freak accident while he was backpacking off the coast of Australia, Warren not only decided that his injuries wouldn’t slow him down ― he decided they would propel him to new heights. Just ten months after the incident, Warren climbed Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain and later summited both Mount Kilimanjaro and El Capitan. Inspiring audiences to turn challenge into change, Warren’s talks foster the desire to seek opportunities and overcome obstacles.

Below, Warren writes on uncertainty, and how shifting your perspective can change everything:

All of us feel stuck at some point in our lives, and it’s no wonder. The scientific community suggests that the average adult makes approximately 35,000 decisions each day…

Most of those decisions happen unconsciously, but often, bigger decisions have the capability to consume us; to overwhelm us.

So, what can we do about it?
How do we get unstuck?

We can start by asking “why?”.

  • Why do I want this to happen, or not?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • How does this situation affect myself and others?
  • What will happen if I say “no”?

Remember, perception is key. We need to see as complete a picture as possible when answering these questions and that often means looking through a different lens that the one we’ve been trained to look through.

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