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The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls - Stars of the WE tv Reality Show, A Journey to Build a Cupcake Empire


The Cupcake Girls are Heather White and Lori Joyce, two best friends who grew up in Victoria, BC and dreamed of owning their own business. In 2002, they opened their first Cupcakes Bakery in Vancouver, BC and it was an instant hit. Now in their 13th year of business, they are recognized as two of BC’s top entrepreneurs, managing one corporate bakery and multiple franchise bakeries, nationwide.  +

What inspires audiences about The Cupcake Girls story is how the girls got started. They were best friends, without a plan and without any experience baking cupcakes. Yet despite breaking these rules of business, and becoming moms along the way, they managed to succeed.

Many know their story from watching Gemini award winning hit reality show The Cupcake Girls on WE tv and aired in over 95 countries worldwide. The show followed the girls through their hectic and often hilarious journey to build a cupcake empire.

Lori & Heather - The Cupcake GirlsThe Cupcake Girls story resonates with entrepreneurs or anyone with a goal because it proves you don’t have to have everything perfect to get started. With hard work and by keeping to your values, Heather and Lori share how they overcame the obstacles and why they are
passionate about motivating everyone to take a chance.

To successfully run a business with your best friend, you have to like each other (a lot) and love what you do. The Cupcake Girls - Heather White and Lori Joyce have the recipe down pat. They met working retail in Victoria, BC, when they were just 15 years old and often talked about what it would be like to own a company together someday. Time had other plans; after high school, Heather moved to Calgary to work in the fashion industry (putting that retail experience to work), and Lori went on to earn her degree in animal biology (…which had little to do with retail). Eventually, they both moved onto sales jobs in various industries, their teenage dream of company ownership fading into the past.

Fast forward to 2001. Heather and Lori had reconnected and were working together in New York City – together again, and still talking about starting their own business. The events that shook the city, the nation and the world on September 11, 2001, inspired Heather and Lori to finally stop dreaming and take action. It was time to get started.

Watching the world around them reel while they conducted business every day near Ground Zero, they knew they wanted their company to be fresh, fun and a reminder of simpler, more innocent times. That’s how Cupcakes by Heather & Lori was born.

They opened their first bakery in April, 2002, in Vancouver’s West End on Denman Street – go visit when you’re in the area! Four years and many, many cupcakes later, they opened their second location on West Broadway. Today, with two corporate bakeries and six franchised locations across Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, their company is still growing and more people every day discover Cupcakes.

A shared dream between two 15-year-old best friends has become a reality. Today, Heather and Lori are recognized as two of BC‘s top entrepreneurs – and they hope that their success, longstanding friendship and love for what they do will inspire others to achieve their own personal goals (and eat Cupcakes).  --


The Cupcake Girls Speaking Presentations:

Flour Power - The Cupcake Girls

From the start, Heather and Lori broke all the “rules” of going into business. They had no business plan, they were best friends and neither had any product knowledge or baking experience. Yet despite every possible academic argument, through all the learning, challenges and market surprises, they were able to succeed and are still growing! Recognized as two of BC’s Top entrepreneurs, Heather and Lori entertain audiences with their humorous stories and share their top 3 “rules” to running a successful business.

Building the Cupcake Brand

“Cupcakes” has become an integral part of every day celebrations. From office parties to bridal showers, birthday parties to anniversaries – you name it! In this presentation Heather and Lori share how their marketing strategy – cupcake style, how they developed the “Cupcakes” brand, and why it is the foundation for any business decision.

Business Growth via Franchising

Every entrepreneur dreams of starting their own business but many are not prepared for success. Success brings new challenges to any small business as it requires change and a new strategy to manage demand. In this keynote presentation Heather and Lori share why they chose Franchising to manage demand and growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community has always been very important to Heather and Lori. In this presentation, they share the story of why the Cause Cupcake program has been such an important part of their business model. How it has impacted not only on the charities they support but on their business partners, their customer relationships and the employees.

The Cupcake Girls are represented by K&M Productions. To inquire about The Cupcake Girls speaking schedule, fees & booking The Cupcake Girls as your conference speakers contact us.


Heather and Lori shared their lessons learned on overcoming personal and financial challenges that many Canadian female entrepreneurs face. Not only were they engaging, funny and inspiring, Heather and Lori connected so well with all of our attendees. Ember Business Exchange would have them back any time!

–Director, Ember Business Exchange


Heather and Lori shared their lessons learned on overcoming personal and financial challenges that many Canadian female entrepreneurs face. Not only were they engaging, funny and inspiring, Heather and Lori connected so well with all of our attendees. Ember Business Exchange would have them back any time!

–Director, Ember Business Exchange

Question: What did you like most about the session?

  • Awesome presentation, very down to earth, real information, real people;
  • The originality and humour The Cupcake Girls brought;
  • Enjoyed the guest speakers, very wonderful women;
  • Opportunity to hear the story/success through karma and hard work;
  • The honesty of the speakers;
  • Excellent Keynote!
  • They were very entertaining!
  • The Cupcake girls were very good. Informative & entertaining;
  • The cupcake girls were inspiring;
  • Awesome presentation, awesome message!
  • Great experience!
  • Great session, very enthusiastic ladies;
  • An excellent session. The Cupcake Girls were fabulous!
  • It was very motivating, even for those who aren't entrepreneurs;
  • Loved the energy!
  • Much better than other luncheon speakers. They kept the entire room engaged. Loved it!
  • The presenters told their story by being very good storytellers!
  • The Cupcake Girls were excellent! Great message for women in business;
  • It was interesting, relevant and inspiring;
  • Friendly/approachable personalities;
  • Excellent presentation!

–NLOWE (Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs)



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