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Dan White

Canada's Tax Cowboy, Tax Audit & CRA Expert, Strategic Tax Planning & Financial Management


Dan White is often referred to by the media as Canada's "Tax Cowboy." He is also the CEO of Tax Audit Solutions - Canada's most trusted and respected tax audit representation company. Widely regarded as one of Canada's best companies at fighting and successfully resolving tax problems with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Dan has assisted numerous companies, corporations, small businesses and individuals with compassionate as well as astute tax audit representation along with tax and financial planning strategies and solutions. +

For more than two decades he has empowered companies and individuals on how to legally avoid paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes by providing audit-ready bookkeeping and in taking legal business positions with respect to tax deductions. Quite simply, he knows the CRA's rules and codes of conduct better than most of the CRA's own auditors themselves. He is a fearless advocate in upholding the rights of Canadian tax payers.[more]

Because of his extensive background and experience in dealing directly with the CRA on a daily basis, Dan brings a unique perspective as well as a wealth of information to share with audiences on the subject of taxes, tax audits, and strategic, tax and financial management. With a strong background in business management, taxes, sales and marketing he has held a number of senior positions in various Canadian and mult-national companies and has traveled extensively around the globe as an international business consultant.

Dan has been featured as a radio and TV 'on-air expert & commentator' on numerous programs, such as the Dini Petty Show, CFTO Eye On Toronto, Channel 11 New Attitudes, CBC Radio Noon, CTV Homestyles, CBC 5:30 Live, Cable 10 Time For Business, CFRB the John Stoll Show, the Allen Meyer Show, CIUT, FAN 1430, and was also the co-producer and host of the TV show "Time For Business", a talk show about business issues.. He has also been featured in numerous newspapers and publications across the country.

Dan White is a fascinating and compelling speaker who brings excitement and enthusiasm to what are often considered dry business topics. Be it dealing with taxes and the CRA or surviving in this turbulent economy, with a blend of insight, wisdom, humility, humour and good taste, Dan White will wow your audience. --

Topics & Categories
  • Financial Management
  • Taxes & The CRA

Taxes, Tax Audits & Successfully Fighting the CRA +

The average taxpayer is going to file less than 80 tax returns in their entire life, yet they will spend their entire life worrying about taxes. So the bottom line is that if you don’t want to be stressed out over taxes, then think about how you can run your business in alignment with the intent and spirit of the law. The big question to be able to answer is; "Why be a tax cheater, when you can dramatically reduce your taxes legally?" In order to reduce your taxes, you need to learn the process of legal tax reduction and strategic avoidance strategies. The more sophisticated the strategies the more vulnerable they are to attacks and the more costly to defend.

Simplicity rules when it comes to the world of accounting. As far as tax loopholes, the only ones left that are the ones the tax department uses. So in order to lead a tax stress free life, understand that there is a way which does not allow for the belief that one does not have the time to keep good records.

Paying the least amount of taxes by good business planning is your ethical, moral and legal responsibility. Having said that one must understand that by doing boogie woogie accounting of yesteryear is just an invitation to an expensive and stressful fight with CRA.

So the first step in business planning is to decide how much after tax dollars you want to keep in your pocket. The second step is to go make twice as much as that so you know you can afford to pay your taxes and still meet your personal goals. The third step is to do audit ready bookkeeping to minimize your tax liability. The forth step is to leverage your tax savings to grow your business. --

Additional Sample Topics:

- Tax Implications from various Covid-19 support programs & business loans (& government claw-blacks)

- Tax Risk Management

- Audit Risk Management (How to avoid an audit and how to handle one)

- CRA Audits, Tactics & Stories from the Trenches

- RRSP Melt down, how to convert your RRSP into your business, tax free

- How to fight a CRA Net Worth Assessment

- Strategic Tax Planning

- The Best Tax Reduction Tips for Canadians

- The Mistakes Many Accountants Make

- The Trap of Voluntary Disclosures

- How to go paperless and still be tax compliant

Dan White is represented by K&M Productions for speaking engagements. For more information, speaking fees & booking CRA Tax Expert Dan White contact us. (Please note that we respond only to speaking engagement inquiries. For those seeking tax audit representation click here.)

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