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The Edwards Twins

Two Brothers' Tributes to 100 Stars

Show Description

The Edwards Twins - Anthony and Eddie are identical twins. Not just identical to each other -  they look and sound like over 100 Super Stars including NEIL DIAMOND, BARBRA STREISAND, CELINE DION, ELTON JOHN, CHER, BETTE MIDLER, BILLY JOEL, ROD STEWART, LADY GAGA, STEVIE WONDER, RAY CHARLES, LIONEL RITCHIE and many more. When you experience The Edwards Twins tribute show, you'll swear the Super Stars are performing right there in front of you. This world-class show has been getting rave reviews and standing ovations all over the world for over 30 years. This is a show that you will remember for years to come. +

Committed to bringing authenticity to each performance and with over 100 superstars in their repertoire, The Edwards Twins' tribute to the stars, haa amazed and delighted audiences from Europe, the continental United States including Las Vegas, Canada and Hong Kong, with their sound alike celebrity voices, extravagant designer costumes, and elaborate makeup. They have received rave reviews from People Magazine, “Flawless Vocals and Visuals,” The Today Show on NBC, “Extraordinary Talent,” and the Boston Globe, “These look-a-likes are startling and amazing.”

The brothers have spent years perfecting their acts: They were born in 1965 and grew up in Burbank, California, with the NBC TV studio practically in their backyard. They made friends with security guards there, who let them sneak into the building, where they nurtured their natural talent for impersonation by copying the celebrities who were taping shows.

The twins don’t do impersonations that haven’t been green-lighted by the celebrities themselves. “If they don’t endorse us, we don’t do them,” Anthony Edwards said. “People come to see this because of the ‘wow’ factor. They want to be shocked and surprised,” Eddie Edwards said. “People come wanting to know how two brothers could do this — sing, perform, mimic others perfectly, including women celebrities.”

“If you come to our show, you will not believe your eyes,” Anthony Edwards said. “This is the best impersonation show you will ever see.” --

The Edwards Twins are represented by K&M Productions. For more information, date availability, fees & booking The Edwards Twins contact us. (Very SERIOUS booking-related inquiries only.)


The Edwards Twins are dynaminte entertainers! In many ways they are better than watching the real superstars.

–People Magazine


The Edwards Twins are dynaminte entertainers! In many ways they are better than watching the real superstars.

–People Magazine

The Edwards Twins are amazing! This is a must see show!

–Entertainment Tonight

Anthony and Eddie Edwards, with no lip-syncing … can replicate flawlessly the voices and mannerisms of well over 100 singers of both genders.

–USA Today



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