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Erik Wahl

Art of Vision: Motivational Artist & Speaker


Internationally recognized artist, TED speaker, and #1 bestselling author, Erik Wahl’s message is that disruption is the new normal and businesses must embrace creativity in a wholesale fashion, or risk being left behind. His presentation inspires organizations to be increasingly agile, and outlines how to use disruption as a competitive advantage. +

Wahl discovered an alarming truth early in his career as a partner in a corporate firm: organizations that encouraged the mental discipline of creativity did better than those that did not put innovation as a priority mission. So he set out to challenge companies to change their way of thinking.

Wahl’s new book, The Spark and the Grind, activates the essential components of translating ideas into action. His previous book, a bestseller called Unthink, was hailed by Forbes as “the blueprint to actionable creativity”, and by Fast Company “provocative with a purpose”. His list of clients includes AT&T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young, and XPrize. --


UnThink +

Somehow we’ve come to believe that creativity is reserved for the chosen few: the poets, the painters, the writers. The truth is bigger and better than that. Creativity is in all of us. We simply need to rediscover the keys that will unlock our potential. UNthink is the keynote experience that will push members of your organization beyond their traditional thought patterns and habitual levels of performance. UNthink will inspire audiences to realize they are capable of so much more than they have been led to believe.

The UNthink program helps reframe your organization’s thinking so that new creative actions become possible. Learning how to UNthink will inject your daily grind with new passion, allowing employees to see how the organization wants and needs all of their talents and energies, not just the ones they’ve been using so far. You’ll begin the process of rethinking your life as a blank canvas of limitless opportunity on which to create your masterpiece.

This program will allow your organization to:

  1. Step outside convention to discover new and unexpected solutions to business challenges
  2. Challenge pre-conceived notions about what’s possible
  3. UNthink your way to increased creativity, productivity and passion --

The Art of Leadership +

As the landscape for business continues to change, Leaders need to foster a steady stream of disruptive strategies and unexpected solutions to stay ahead of the game. This requires solutions that revive stagnant markets or completely reinvent the competitive dynamics of an industry. Disruptive thinking is about fostering a culture of innovation leadership that provides the framework and motivation to generate those strategies and execute those solutions. It is an essential skill for any business leader, from a small start-up to a global corporation, with the desire to transform organizational processes and behaviors, and ask, “Why hadn’t we ever thought about our business and culture this way before?”  --

The Art of Vision +

Your best sustainable edge is being better at mastering change and innovation than your competition. Wahl’s Signature keynote, The Art of Vision is an entertaining and highly practical program that uncovers new ways to make your organization more creative, more productive and ultimately, more profitable. This 45-60 minute multi-media format is ideally suited to open or close your meeting on a dynamic high note. -- 

Discovering Your Untapped Potential +

This fast paced and highly interactive 90-minute workshop is designed to provide specific strategies to unleash personal and professional achievement through creativity. By exploring techniques to stretch our minds, audiences will uncover new methods to solve old problems, discover new opportunities, and ultimately differentiate themselves from their competition. This program is ideally suited as a follow up for audiences who have already experienced Wahl’s Art of Vision keynote.  --

Erik Wahl is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, fees & booking Erik Wahl contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Erik Wahl was the highlight of our entire conference. He captured everyone's imagination with his creativity and added a whole new dimension to the usual motivational message, not to mention his artistic finale was a complete knockout!

–American Express – Australia


Erik Wahl was the highlight of our entire conference. He captured everyone's imagination with his creativity and added a whole new dimension to the usual motivational message, not to mention his artistic finale was a complete knockout!

–American Express – Australia

We continue to receive numerous emails, voicemails and handwritten notes ... .all in praise of you, your presentation, and most importantly ... your message!

–Walt Disney Entertainment

I have been waiting 9 years for our keynote speaker to receive the kind of standing ovation you received at our National Meeting. You made a lasting impression.

–National Institute for Case Management, Inc.

You kept our group of CEO’s spellbound by your presentation. The most often repeated comment was, 'He was the best speaker I've ever heard.'

–EOC, Inc.

Your presentation was once again, outstanding! After seeing you at the National Realtors conference and now our National conference, I am amazed at your ability to customize your message for both corporate and educational audiences.

–National Parent Teachers Assn.



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