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Janis Joplin Tribute

Janis Joplin Tribute featuring Krista Blondin

Show Description

Krista Blondin performs as Janis Joplin internationally with her own band or joins other tribute productions showcasing rock legends. Her show can be performed to tracks (CD Accompaniment) and she is also available for photo ops and meet-and-greets for your special events! +

When taking the stage at venues including The CNE (North America's largest fair) The Port Credit Southside Shuffle Jazz and Blues Festival, Niagara Falls Blues in The Park, Barrie's Waterfront Festival, Woodstock's Cowapaloza, The Royal Canadian Legion, Aurora Town Park Concert Series, night clubs and corporate shows, Krista Blondin has her audience cheering, screaming, laughing, dancing and even brought to tears with her riveting Janis Joplin tribute and impersonation. Performing in front of audiences into the thousands Krista leaves a lasting impression that people never forget!

Audiences of all ages jump to their feet and scream in sheer delight when they hear the sounds of "Cry baaaaby" and for the next 90 minutes people are convinced that Janis Joplin is alive! Krista not only sings, looks and moves like Janis, she takes on her whole persona, even when she speaks. You could hear a pin drop by the way Krista captivates her audience between songs, sharing life stories and inspirational messages as though she were Janis in concert.

When hired with her band "Piece Of My Heart", the instrumentation consists of a seven piece band with a three piece horn section. Scaled down instrumentation can be provided for smaller budgets, however the full sound with horns really makes the show sound like the real thing!

Krista's backing musicians are all top notch seasoned players, some of which are recognized for working with BJ Thomas, Downchild Blues Band, Buddy Rich, Mirvish Productions and The Grand Ole' Opry. The band is dressed accordingly for the show in 1960's hippie wear for the full flashback experience!   --

Q&A +

What is the instrumentation and musical style?
Janis Joplin is recognized as a blues, rock and R&B singer. We offer either a 5-piece show with guitar, piano, bass and drums and an eight-piece show that includes trumpet, sax & trombone. For nightclub performances, small concerts or themed events we often do the 5-piece show which includes songs from the Pearl, Kozmic Blues and Big Brother & The Holding Company as well as material from artists of that time period, sung in the style Janis may have personalized them. This includes songs by The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Tina Turner and more. For blues themed festivals we tend to bring in the full horn band.

What happens at a show besides the music?
Krista not only sings Janis's music she emulates her whole persona as though she were in concert. From her wardrobe, stage moves, southern accent, inspirational messages topped by her humorous and sometimes heart breaking between song banter, the the audience learns about one of the the most influential and world changing women in rock & blues music.

How long is the show and how many sets can you do?
The number of sets we do is generally determined by your budget, size of the band you want and your type of event. The eight piece show with horns is usually one or two sets with 90 minutes of material. The 5-piece show has up to 120 minutes of material and is often broken down into 2 and sometimes 3 sets. Due to the nature of the type of singing this is, if the band is doing more than one set at your event a break is required after 50 minutes.

Will Krista be swigging a bottle of Southern Comfort on stage and using coarse language at my event-like Janis did on stage?
Generally No, especially when we do concerts that are all age family events or corporate functions. Some of our concert goers and biggest fans have been as young as 8 years old, so we have a cleaner version of the show that includes no swearing or glorification/encouragement of the use of drugs or alcohol. Krista is completely able to capture the essence of Janis Joplin without this minor detail. Of course we have an authentic bottle handy, easily filled with ice tea if this is something you would really like to see in the show!

Has Krista worked in "Legends-style" tribute shows with other impersonators?
Yes of course! Krista has worked for The Casino Brothers Tribute show, sharing the stage with some of North America's top impressionists including: "Garth Brooks", "Ritchie Valens", "Ray Charles" and "Cher". --

For more information, fees & booking the Janis Joplin tribute, contact us.


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