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Senator Larry Campbell

Former Mayor of Vancouver & One of Canada's Most Popular Political Leaders


Larry Campbell, one of Canada's most popular political figures, was mayor of Vancouver from 2002-2005 and is currently a Member of The Canadian Senate. A charismatic personality with a colourful background, Campbell is Vancouver's former chief coroner, whose life inspired the hit shows Da Vinci's Inquest and Da Vinci's City Hall.  +

As a former Mayor of Vancouver, Campbell was a proactive leader with a reputation for integrity, credibility, and openness. He advocated for change -and achieved it - through his adept negotiating abilities, which allowed him to gain consensus from opposing groups. On more than one occasion, he successfully diffused highly sensitive situations or misunderstandings and always in public view and under media scrutiny. Campbell is an innovative decision-maker, capable of optimizing financial resources while maintaining superior levels of service. He is a former Chair of The Vancouver Police Board, and The Housing Committee, and was a leading member of the Big City Mayors Caucus.

Perhaps Campbell's most noted project while in office was the establishment of a safe injection site to help curb Vancouver's drug problem. He championed the idea of a "four pillars" approach to ending drug abuse, consisting of law enforcement, prevention, treatment, and safety. For his groundbreaking work, Campbell received the Richard J. Dennis Drugpeace Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Drug Policy Reform.

In addition to drug and crime prevention, he was also instrumental in the successful Vancouver bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

At the BC Coroners office, Campbell successfully transitioned the Coroners Service from a "silent" service to one that was known, respected, and available to all members of society. He also lectured extensively to government agencies, First Nations societies, community service organizations, universities, and high schools on a wide range of topics, including harm reduction and the issues surrounding drug use in society. With the University of British Columbia, Campbell researched data on all suicides within the province, which was eventually published for educational purposes in an effort to help decrease suicide rates.

A charismatic individual with a varied career, Campbell held the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner, is a member of the Writers Guild of Canada, provided consulting services to the Ministry of Children and Families, and advised the producers of Steven Spielberg's TV series Taken.

In August 2005, Campbell was summoned to the Senate of Canada by Prime Minister Paul Martin.  As a Senator, Campbell has continued his work on drug policy, mental health, and aboriginal issues.

In 2009, Campbell co-authored a book titled A Thousand Dreams: Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and the Fight for its Future with Neil Boyd and Lori Culbert.

He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from City University in Vancouver. Senator Campbell is currently a Member of the Standing Senate Committees on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration; and Banking, Trade and Commerce.  --


Larry Campbell is a sought-after speaker on municipal politics, healthcare, governance and policy, aboriginal issues and has expertise with all of the following:

  • Municipal Affairs and Management;
  • Policy and Decision Making/Governance of Public Entities;
  • Risk Taking and Youth;
  • Drugs in Society/Drug Policy and Harm Reduction;
  • Child Death Investigations;
  • Role of the Coroner/Coroners Conduct and Ethics;
  • Scene Investigation;
  • Environmental Sustainability;
  • Aboriginal Issues (including healthcare);
  • Fisheries

Motivational Presentation >>>

Fate, Zen and the Art of Dog Driving: The Unbelievable Life of Larry Campbell

Larry Campbell has been a steel worker, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Vancouver's Chief Coroner, a scriptwriter for Da Vinci's Inquest, the Mayor of Vancouver, and now, a Senator.

From the Yukon to Vancouver to Ottawa, Campbell takes you on a humorous and thought-provoking journey of life as he's lived it so far. It's a story that has inspired others to quit their jobs and see the world, or return to university in their 50's - an incredible story that brings a smile and laughter to audiences everywhere.

Larry tells you what he's learned about life and change, via tales about honesty, dogs, and beautiful scenery. What more could you ask for?


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