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Nicholas Boothman

Author, Communications & Rapport Expert, Motivational Speaker


In business as well as life, the failure to build trust and rapport can be insurmountable, while the rewards of a good first impression and positive communication are almost immeasurable. To compete in today's marketplace companies like Fairmont Hotels, AT&T, Washington Mutual, The Mayo Clinic, Re/Max and Merrill Lynch recognized that connecting with the human side of clients and colleagues and making trusting, durable, connections was essential to their success. They also knew that the quality of people's relationships is the # 1 factor for job satisfaction and happiness.


Nicholas Boothman has spent more than 25 years studying how people communicate, connect, and collaborate.

Today, he is called "one of the leading experts in face-to-face communication in the world" by the New York Times and Good Morning America says, "his book is my bible."

Nicholas has taught his revolutionary technique of "Rapport by Design" to thousands of corporations, colleges and universities around the world including both the Harvard and London Business schools.

In 1982 he founded Corporate Images, and created powerful corporate presentations for almost every well- known company in North America, from Coke to Carlsberg, and Suzuki to Sea-World. He went on to form Persuasion Technology Group and was chosen to speak at "Leadership from the Ground Up," a global closed-circuit event, along with Tom Peters, Ted Turner, Sir Richard Branson, Stephen Covey, and Ken Blanchard.

A former fashion and advertising photographer who dealt with hundreds of new faces a week for clients like AT&T, Revlon and Coca-Cola he now shows businesses around the world how to naturally connect and build trust, from first impressions to profitable relationships, and all the communicating in-between.

A Licensed Master-Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Nicholas is the author of 4 best-selling books, How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less, How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less, How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 90 Minutes or Less and Convince Them in 90 Seconds--

Topics & Categories
  • Communication
  • Creativity | Innovation | Disruption
  • Customer Service & Loyalty
  • Leadership
  • Motivational
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Networking
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Sales & Service
  • Team-Work & Collaboration
  • Trainers

Nicholas Boothman's Speaking Presentations:

Signature TOPICS  >>>
to boost communication, inspiration, morale, sales and leadership.



Whether you're selling, negotiating, interviewing, networking or leading a team, success depends on connecting, forging instant relationships and articulating your business ideas so they get acted upon.

How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less will have your audience laughing out-loud and connecting with one another while they learn and retain skills that dramatically impact their sales, productivity and leadership potential.


In this action-packed session participants learn how to:

  • build trust and respect
  • manage their attitude
  • make a great first impression
  • articulate their ideas
  • get people talking and keep them talking
  • synchronize attitude, body language and voice tone
  • read other people’s sensory preferences
  • recognize the hidden cues people give away as to what motivates them
  • identify and match the different ways clients and colleagues communicate.

The ABCs of face-to-face communication: Attitude, Body language, Conversation and Communication. Four crucial topics in one inspiring speech.

Custom speeches include: How to Connect in Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail and Finance.   --


Great companies make great things happen. They create something that is missing from the market, shake up the industry, and make sure their employees and customers feel good in the process.

To do this they combine people, purpose, projects and passion into a coherent direction. What emerges is a burning will to thrive rather than just survive. What comes out of that, is an uncanny ability to spot and act upon so-called “lucky breaks.”   +

Lucky breaks are vital tools for this innovation and growth, and they are real. Not one single Fortune 500 company, scientist, billionaire or celebrity will dispute this. Lucky breaks are right up there alongside perseverance, a clear direction and hard work as major contributors to their success.

When you compare the behavior of so-called lucky, and unlucky people and companies, you begin to see that lucky breaks are not really about luck at all, they are much more to do with people, purpose, projects and passion, in other words:

1) who you know, where you go, what you want and how you think;
2) what you do, how you do it and why you do it;
3) your willingness to break barriers and step out of your comfort zone;
4) a knack for turning bad luck into good luck


In this action-packed session participants learn how to:

  • spot, and act upon, chance encounters and events
  • take control of themselves and their thinking
  • summon their strengths
  • breakdown barriers and confidently step out of their comfort zone
  • build risks with well-formed outcomes
  • rally internal and external resources
  • trigger and manage risks

How to Make Great Things Happen is designed for:

  • entrepreneurs and franchisees who need to quantum leap ahead of the competition 
  • leaders and managers who need to move fast and take advantage of economic upheavals
  • anyone stuck in a rut knowing they are capable of more
  • people anxious to re-invent themselves
  • everyone who wants to turn the odds in their favor when faced with challenges, obstacles and restlessness
  • students, graduates, teenagers and anyone who wants a head start in life

Be it fear of rejection, upbringing, embarrassment, losing control or loss of income, we make unconscious split-second limiting decisions and miss out on opportunities to grow and prosper on a daily basis. Making Lucky Breaks changes the mindset of audiences so they start to find, and act upon these opportunities immediately.  --

Nicholas Boothman is represented by K&M Productions. To inquire about Nicholas Boothman''s speaking schedule, fees & booking speaker Nicholas Boothman, contact us.


Nick has an ability to cut through so much of the blather that is dished out these days. He took the time to really learn our business and the challenges we face. His preparation and understanding of what it takes to build connections and relationships was critical in giving our team HELPFUL tools they could take out into the workplace immediately.

–Active International


Nick has an ability to cut through so much of the blather that is dished out these days. He took the time to really learn our business and the challenges we face. His preparation and understanding of what it takes to build connections and relationships was critical in giving our team HELPFUL tools they could take out into the workplace immediately.

–Active International

I have personally worked with Nick on 3 events and in each he has gotten rave reviews. I highly recommend him to any group that wants to improve their rapport with employees, customers or partners.

–AT&T, New York

AWESOME - You are a gifted speaker, Mr. Boothman!! What a joy to listen to you and your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Excellent feedback from the participants.

–Standard Life

Uplifting, inspiring, full of hope and a host of skills we can use right now. Every time Nicholas has spoken on our behalf he has enthralled and impressed the audience from the first minute and a half of the presentation until the last syllable was uttered.

–Mackenzie Financial Corp.

I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your contributions during your keynote address. The rave reviews are still coming in. Your professionalism, charisma, intellect -- are why you are considered one of the best in your field. Again, thanks a million. It's an honor to have the opportunity to work with you

–RE/MAX Central States and Dixie

Training the new Supercops includes daily discussions on the works of Aristotle, George Orwell and Nicholas Boothman.

–The New Yorker


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