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Vince Poscente

Leadership Speaker; Olympic Keynote Speaker; Business Strategist

Speaker Vince Poscente, New York Times Best Selling Author, Business Consultant and Olympian engages leaders and boosts productivity. As an entertaining and award-winning speaker Vince Poscente is the cure for a lack of motivation, the antidote to stop procrastination and the …

Dr. David Posen

Stress Management & Bestselling Author

Dr. David Posen M.D., speaker and also known as "Doc Calm" is one of North America's leading experts on stress mastery, work-life balance, health, resiliency and wellness. Stress is a fact of life – but it doesn't have to be …

Michelle Ray

Inspiring People & Organizations to Succeed & Take the Lead

As an award-winning motivational keynote speaker, Michelle Ray delivers powerful messages on leadership, accountability and engagement. Discover your highest potential through Michelle’s compelling presentations, coaching and workshops. A dynamic motivational speaker, Michelle goes one step further to understand your unique …

Mel Robbins

Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning CNN Commentator, Speaker, Influencer

In her globally acclaimed TEDx talk, Mel Robbins wowed the world with the science-backed secret to change: The 5 Second Rule. Over 12 million views later, the 5 Second Rule has become a bestselling book and a life-changing movement that …

Dennis Snow

Creating Magical Customer Experiences, Sales & Service Excellence

Happy customers make for healthy bottom lines. If you want to build a customer service culture that gets real results, you need the reliable, proven guidance of Speaker Dennis Snow. Drawing on the expertise he honed as a customer service …

Meg Soper

Speaker, Motivational Humorist, Work-Life Balance Expert

Meg Soper is recognized as one of the premier motivators in Canada.  She combines her unique blend of comedy with inspirational stories to connect with her audience, break barriers, and deliver practical strategies for being more effective at work and …

Susan Stewart

Comedian, Author, Motivational Speaker; The Lighter Side of Work & Life

Motivational Humourist Susan Stewart blends the wit and wisdom she’s known for with powerful messages about not taking life too seriously — especially in times of adversity and uncertainty. In her stand-up comedy style, Stewart shares ways to see the …

Michael Vickers

Sales & Marketing Motivator, Customer Service & Customer Loyalty Expert

Michael Vickers inspires enduring success - ultimately, redefining what is possible for today’s sales professionals, leaders, and managers. His sessions are educational and entertaining, filled with useful and hilarious stories. While teaching compelling sales techniques, he shows organizations and audiences …

Richard Worzel

North America's Leading Futurist

The innovative organization is nimble, informed, and ready to change directions – and that’s what organizations need to be or become now, because not only is the pace of change accelerating, but the rate of acceleration is increasing  Business visionary …

Denise Lee Yohn

Brand-building Speaker & Expert; Author of What Great Brands Do

Now more than ever, business leaders are looking for fresh ideas, new understanding, and actionable insights to jumpstart their business. Speaker Denise Lee Yohn inspires, informs, and instructs them with a completely different way of thinking about their business. Blending …

Number of results per page: 10 20 50 100 

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