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  • Navigating the Digital Revolution: Artificial intelligence, platform scaling, machine learning, augmented reality: Some of our expert speakers on navigating this change include: Lital Marom, Andrew Au, Jim Carroll & Richard Worzel.

Eli Bay

Canada's Leading Stress Management Expert


NEW! ELI BAY is currently offering absolutely FREE on-line stress management exercises to everyone. Access the dozen 30-minute deep mental relaxation experiences yourself. They are available in the most popular digital platforms & contain nearly all the techniques that he teaches in his courses:

Eli Bay is a world-renowned Canadian icon in the field of stress and change management - in fact the Globe and Mail newspaper has referred to him as "Canada's Stress Guru." A pioneer in the field of mind-body regulation and stress management, he has introduced tens of thousands of people to the surprising range of health and peak performance benefits that naturally result by regularly eliciting the Relaxation Response, a too often ignored inner strength that is not only scientifically recognized but easily accessible to everyone with the proper know-how and training.

Today, the most successful companies are well aware of the many benefits of high employee morale and a well-motivated, engaged workforce. Many of these same companies have also recognized the value in having Eli Bay provide them with highly-effective yet very simple-to-learn relaxation and stress management techniques through his keynotes and workshops. +

The abilitiy to effectively manage stress is essential in today's turbulent business environment. The reality is that nearly all corporate environments are stressful by the very nature of the business demands, pressures, tasks, quotas and deadlines placed upon their employees. Those companies and corporations that recognize this and want to help their employees properly manage their work-related stress by retaining Eli Bay, reap numerous benefits including:

  • significantly decreased employee absenteeism;
  • increased employee morale;
  • more effectively adapting to & embracing change & transition;
  • an engaged workforce rather than an "us vs. them" mentaility;
  • a sharp increase in productivity;
  • enhanced creativity and innovative thinking;
  • increased mental clarity and the ability to foucs more effectively;
  • increased resiliency and an enhanced sense of well-being.[more]

For more than 30 years, Eli has empowered many of North America's largest corporations, countless businesses, associations and institutions with simple-to-learn yet highly effective stress management and deep relaxation techniques and strategies. His clients include Fortune 500 CEO's and business executives, leadership experts and trainers, physicians, peak performance athletes, astronauts, military personnel, celebrities, media personalities, doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, bankers, entertainers, clergy, energy healers, martial artists, students, teachers - from all over the world and from all walks of life.[more]

Two award-winning public television series (PBS and TVO) Well Being and Beyond Stress, along with his keynote presentations, workshops, popular instructional audio and video programs, have garnered him world-wide recognition by peers and colleagues for the quality and integrity in his approach to stress management.

Eli Bay is also a frequent on-air consultant to the media (TV & Radio) for his internationally-recognized expertise on stress and change management and his soothing voice can also be heard on Air Canada flights.

With over 80% of physical health conditions being driven by stress, the learned skill of stress management techniques, as taught by Eli Bay, have produced remarkable changes for thousands of people. Not to mention what proves to be of immeasurable value to virtually all is an increased sense of well being and the ability to change their response to the stress triggers in their lives.

Before becoming a transformational catalyst and teacher of mind-body resilience, Eli initially worked at senior levels of government (Executive Assistant to Deputy Premier of Manitoba) and in the private sector (Xerox) as well as in academic research (Research Fellow, the IJA Research Institute, London England). He spent almost four decades exploring the nature of exponential change and its effects. Out of his own successful search to stay balanced, creative and well, he created his programs to share the "how to" of thriving in the rapidly changing, complex and stressful world of the 21st century.

Based on his experience and research, he has found that properly releasing stress can be achieved by almost everyone and that by doing so on a regular basis enhances virtually every physical, mental or spiritual ability. Eli's wisdom and manner make him an excellent teacher/trainer and his platform skills as a speaker have earned him the highest accolades.  --

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Eli's programs teach "the Why" and "the How" of unwinding from stress and tension. As a general rule, the more time spent focused on performing the methods taught, the more empowered you will be to do it on your own.

In all of the following programs, techniques to trigger relaxation are taught. The longer the program, the more techniques taught. This cumulative experience of using several different methods to activate relaxation produces unusual tension release. This deep relaxation benchmarks the feeling of an exceptionally stress-free state, making it easier to achieve on your own after the program.

Eli Bay offers a number of flexible program options designed to suit various conference agendas and time slots:

Duration: 90 Minutes 

Eli offers well researched perspectives to engage the hearts and minds of each specific group he addresses. As part of the event, he takes the audience into a guided relaxation exercise giving a very real experience of profound relaxation and a tangible sense of what an effective stress management/well-being strategy can deliver. This experience leaves the audience feeling revitalized, mentally clear, and motivated to use the practical breathing and mind focusing techniques both on the job and off.  --

Duration 2- 2.5 hours 

In this time frame, Eli spends approximately 45 - 60 minutes developing an understanding of the need for self-regulation as a well being strategy for staying physically and mentally healthy and at our productive best. The balance of the session is devoted to teaching breathing, muscle relaxing and mind focusing techniques to trigger relaxation. The more time spent learning and practicing different exercises will produce cumulatively deeper relaxation experiences. There is no limit to the number of participants.  --

Duration 3- 3.5 hours 

The Half day program is able to extend the experience described in the Break Out Session with the introduction of additional techniques and with the additional time, deepen the effects of the relaxation experience of the participants.  --

Duration 6- 6.5 hours 

This in Eli's view is the best introduction to the Beyond Stress strategy. In this timeframe and format Eli delivers a solid understanding of "why" and "how" to build resilience to accelerating change and stress and a powerful "experiential knowing" of the relaxation response strategy. Several hours of relaxation exercises produce an unusually stress-free experience that is sometimes felt for days afterwards. The participants are taught a range of practical techniques for personal use and, as the day unfolds, develop more and more mental and physical appreciation as to why and where they could use the techniques learned to stay in control of their automatic stress reactions. Ideally this workshop is done in a location where everyone is able to sit, stand and lie down on a carpeted floor. Eli is especially effective in keeping the participants mentally and physically involved throughout the process. His audiences appreciate the unusual awareness gained and the range of relaxation triggers that they can easily use in and out of their jobs. Eli can work with both small and large groups.  --

Eli Bay is represented by K&M Productions. For fees as well as more information on booking stress management expert Eli Bay for a corporate event or conference keynote or workshop, contact us.


Speakers certainly do make or break a conference. I am delighted to say that you made ours! The comments ranged from 'fascinating!' to 'absolutely amazing!' It seems that the only way we could have improved upon your session was to make it longer!

–Meeting Professionals International (MPI)


Speakers certainly do make or break a conference. I am delighted to say that you made ours! The comments ranged from 'fascinating!' to 'absolutely amazing!' It seems that the only way we could have improved upon your session was to make it longer!

–Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

The Beyond Stress program for stress resilience has been delivered to several hundred CIBC employees over the past few years with outstanding results. In fact, I am not aware of any employee development program where we have received more positive feedback from participants. We have made the program available to help employees deal with the stress, complexity and time-pressures in their lives. Our goal was to help employees manage their lives more effectively, and in turn be more productive in their careers. Based on the feedback we have collected, I believe the program achieves these objectives. We did a professional, objective analysis of the effects of the program on many dimensions. The following are some of the findings:

  • More than 75% of employees who were experiencing physical/mental problems like tension, headaches, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chest pain experienced significant improvement;
  • Employees in general reported improvements in their moods, outlook in life, "ability to cope", and general well-being;
  • Employees were extremely appreciative that this program was offered by their employer.

I have no hesitation in concluding that Mr. Bay's program added real value to the lives of our employees who participated.

–Senior Executive Vice-President, CIBC

I am very impressed by the study of stress that Eli Bay has done and the resource he has become because of his knowledge in the field. The Beyond Stress course is first-rate in material, content and the way it is presented.

–Dr. David Posen, MD - Author of The Little Book Of Stress Relief

Eli Bay's work is a tremendous and necessary tool in the stress management armamentarium.

–Dr. Peter Hanson MD, Author of The Joy of Stress

As a speaker, Eli conveys his message with eloquent conviction. His listeners are left with a renewed faith in their ability to take control of their lives and make a difference in their future.

–New Brunswick Board of Management

Eli's work is very practical, both at home and in the workplace.


Thanks for delivering as advertised, Eli. It's always a pleasure to deal with a true professional - especially one who makes me look good.

–Executive Director, AARO


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