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Ian Percy

Leadership Speaker, Peak Performance, Organizational Management Expert


Ian Percy believes that when an organization aligns its energy toward the highest possibilities, everything else falls into place. A top organizational consultant, Ian challenges corporations and associations to focus on the possibilities. Encouraging audiences to think outside the box to find new solutions to old problems and stressing the importance of running a company on fresh, positive energy, few speakers can unite and ignite a crowd like Ian.  + 

Ian is the founder of The City Possibilities Initiative, a process that applies proven principles of energetic science to achieve significantly higher levels of engagement, innovation, and prosperity in North American cities and their businesses. He’s worked around the world in sectors such as health care, agriculture, technology, finance, education, retail and government, with clients such as Cargill, Royal Bank, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, KPMG, Transamerica, and Aventis. He is also the author of seven books, including his breakthrough book on leadership, Going Deep, and the provocative book on corporate vision, The Profitable Power of Purpose. He is also a contributor to the widely read online publication RetailWire.

Successful Meetings magazine declared Ian “one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century,” and he is one of only three to be inducted into both the US and Canadian Speaker Halls of Fame.  --



What you’re looking for is new thinking.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. - Albert Einstein

When an organization aligns all it’s energy toward its highest possibilities everything else falls into place and you’ll see transformation beyond imagination. Sounds simple, but it’s a whole new and challenging way of thinking that is gathering significant momentum among organizations that refuse to be held back from their full potential.  +

What Ian Percy does through his presentations and consultations is help your organization:

  • Learn to think in terms of the highest possibilities instead of merely solving problems;
  • See and eliminate the self-inflicted inhibitors that create fear and negative energy - what you’ll find may shock you;
  • Build powerful and energetic ‘touch-points’ for customers and employees that ensure sustainable loyalty, engagement and rewarding behavior.;
  • Align all the organization’s energy and focus it on the chosen possibilities. It’s the lack of alignment between departments and functions that causes the most damage to performance and profitability. The organization with the most aligned energy always wins.

Here’s the unavoidable truth. "Problems" are always about the past so if people are focused on solving problems and putting out fires that’s a sure sign your organization is stuck in its own trap. “Possibilities” are always focused on the future. Only a focus on possibilities will move your organization to the highest place of profitability, innovation, collaboration and more. That’s not hard to do but it requires leaving old Newtonian, mechanistic, fear-driven thinking behind.

The entire universe functions on the basis of energy and so does your organization. The more you see and act on those energetic principles, the greater, faster and more thrilling your success. This is the new frontier for organizations eager to break out from the pack. And that’s what Ian’s work is all about! Everything he does for you will be uniquely based on your energy and your possibilities. That explains why you won’t see a list of canned one-size-fits-all presentations.

In these peculiar days there’s only one question worth asking: "What is possible?" This is the man who will help you find and act on the answer.  --

Additional recent presentation titles used by corporate clients:

Thinking Without a Box! Why we have to change our thinking if we want to change our results

Truth is if there's a box you're trying to think out of...you put it there! Escape the box and never get back in. One group used the simple title: There is No Box!

Lighting a Fire in Your Fireplace: Rekindling the Corporate Spirit

Corporations have spent most of their time, energy and money building a fireplace...but no one brought a match! If you want your audience on fire, this will work for you!

"Solving Problems" VS "Seeing New Possibilities"

One of these strategies will keep you locked in the past and one will take you to a world beyond your dreams. Take your time in choosing!

The Profitable Power of Purpose

We do not have to choose between 'purpose' and 'prosperity' nor between 'meaning' and 'money'! In fact both are stronger when combined. If you go with this title there's a super book by the same name you can give participants as a reinforcement.

The 21st century CEO - Chief Energy Officer

Leadership is aligning all of the organization's energy toward its highest possibilities. Seeing leadership in this new way will transform your organization overnight.

The Company With the Most Energy Wins!

The entire universe is made up of, is held together by, and runs on...ENERGY! The same is true for your organization and the more you come to understand how energy works, the more likely you'll win your market space.

Beyond Newton - Moving into the Quantum Age!

Your organization is far more than a collection of parts. That's what we were taught in the 17th century and we still haven't moved past it. There are simple, powerful and practical concepts from quantum and energetic science that will revolutionize how your organization operates and innovates.

Ian Percy is represented by K&M Productions for speaking engagements. For more information, fees and booking Speaker Ian Percy contact us.


Thank you for the outstanding day you facilitated at our Leadership Summit. The day was extremely valuable to all the participants on a professional and personal level. This is the third opportunity we’ve had to work together and you continually surpass expectations. You are a delight to work with.

–Telus Mobility


Thank you for the outstanding day you facilitated at our Leadership Summit. The day was extremely valuable to all the participants on a professional and personal level. This is the third opportunity we’ve had to work together and you continually surpass expectations. You are a delight to work with.

–Telus Mobility

In no way was I going to have us approach our incredible opportunities with the old fear-driven mind set of command and control that drains the life out of people. We needed new thinking and that’s why I brought Ian in to work with us. UNIFI has incredible people and I want every one of them to fly as high as they possibly can.


I was looking for a professional to help my group become a high-performing ‘out of the box’ executive team. Ian brings home the truth that there is no organizational transformation until there is serious personal transformation.

–Aetna International

You inspired our audience and these battle-scarred veterans of the health care wars are not easily overwhelmed. Still, you touched their sensitivity like no others. In short, you taught us how to recapture our spirit. You exceeded my expectations by an order of magnitude and I already had high expectations!

–PCS Health Systems

Our times call not for the kind of leadership based on scientific formula, but for leadership that demonstrates a power of spirit. Something that comes from the gut, the heart. It is intuitive leadership, as Ian suggests, that tells you how and when to seize the opportunity. It’s opportunity that gives the power.

–KPMG International



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