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Ann Handley

Social Media & Digital Marketing Content Expert


Cited in Forbes as the most influential woman in social media, speaker Ann Handley is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. She is also co-author of the bestselling book on content marketing Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business.  +

Both inspirational and actionable, Ann speaks and writes about how you can grow your business through storytelling, content, and social media. As a speaker, she’s highly engaging and fun: Think of her as your Sherpa in this new world of marketing, shining a light through the complexity and confusion.

Ann is a sought-after keynote speaker, having spoken repeatedly at top marketing and technology events internationally. She is also a monthly columnist for Entrepreneur magazine, a member of the LinkedIn Influencer program, and a pioneer in digital marketing–having founded ClickZ.com, one of the first sources of online marketing. She is Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a training and education company with the largest community of marketers in its category.

Ann’s commentary has appeared on NPR as well as in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Inc. magazine, and more.  --


Content Rules in Marketing: What's It Take to Be Heard in a Noisy World?  +

Anyone with a website is now a “publisher,” but what does that mean, exactly? And in our noisy world, how can we create and publish the kind of marketing content that will connect with and engage the people we want to reach?

What tools should we use? Which channels will engage our customers? What can we do to ignite our businesses? How are we going to manage it all? And is it hot in here… or is it me?

Calm down. Deep breath. Let’s take a step back, and look at what you need to do to market  your business successfully using content and social tools.

Ann Handley believes you don’t need more content, you need ridiculously better content. And she delivers the prescription for doing that, with style, humor, and equal measures of how-to and inspiration.  --

Good Content Vs. Good Enough Content: A Fight for Sore Eyes  +

We don’t need more marketing content. We need better marketing content. So says Ann Handley, who believes all our organizations need content that’s ridiculously good to connect with our customers, and improve our bottom lines.

Not ordinary content. Not mediocre. Not run-of-the-mill. Not just “good enough,” either. No sirree. Impossible? Nope — not for you! Because you are made of stronger stuff than you think. You’ve got this. You own it. Or you will… after Ann gives you the how-tos and creative inspiration you need to create the kind of stuff that will resonate with your own audience. Who’s in?  --

Dear Diary: A Content Marketing Makeover  +

Dear Diary: Today I created a blog post and I Tweeted four times. No one commented or retweeted me. I felt alone, especially when I went to my company Facebook page, and saw that my PTAT score is -42. How is that even possible? Only our Google+ is hopping. (Ha! Just kidding….).

Does that sound like a page out of your own content plan? Time for a reset. At this session, Ann Handley helps you remake your content marketing strategy and plan. She’ll show you what the best-in-class marketers are doing to create content that makes their boss love them. And she’ll share her own formula for innovative content, and show you how it can apply to you. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create content that matters to your company
  • Use the can’t-miss formula for developing innovative content (no actual math skills required)
  • Organize your team to generate consistently effective content
  • Produce content that differentiates your brand  --

Ann Handley is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, fees, Ann Handley's speaking schedule & booking Ann Handley contact us.


Every so often, a speaker ‘owns’ the stage! Ann Handley does just that. With her engaging style, frequently sprinkled with humor, she instantly connects with the audience and opens their eyes to why content is the new marketing.  Substance + passion = a rock star of a storyteller!

–Healthcare Strategy Institute


Every so often, a speaker ‘owns’ the stage! Ann Handley does just that. With her engaging style, frequently sprinkled with humor, she instantly connects with the audience and opens their eyes to why content is the new marketing.  Substance + passion = a rock star of a storyteller!

–Healthcare Strategy Institute

If you’ve ever been invited to a dinner party where you don’t know anyone, and the hostess introduces you to a few folks….  Then, the next morning you’re trying to remember the last time you’ve had so much fun, and you receive a few encouraging notes from your new friends, including a few links to the precise resources you need to complete your project.  Ann Handley has been that hostess for the B2B community, which is why Forbes ranked her the #1 social media influencer. As a conference speaker, she brings the audience together the same way, with a gift of connecting people through entertaining storytelling and the ability to make the complex simple and fun.

–VP of Social Media, Cisco

A great speaker can excite you to want to improve. A great thought leader can show you how to improve.  Ann is the rare combination of both, which has motivated thousands of marketers to create success for their organizations. What creates this rare combination?  I believe it is because of her strong marketing and business acumen mixed with a genuine desire to help others.   If you are looking for a speaker who is going to truly enhance your event and will bring a positive feeling to your brand, than I highly recommend Ann Handley.

–VP of Marketing, Apptus



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