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Jade Simmons

Speaker; Transformative Leadership Expert; Motivational Pianist


How do you get to be named Classical Music’s “No.1 Maverick?” By repeatedly defying expectations, delivering riveting performances, and combining passion and innovation at every turn. Called a “musical force of nature”, Jade Simmons is one of the most versatile concert artists in the world. Classically trained in piano, she delivers stunning presentations that potently combine music, virtuoso performance, and riveting storytelling to speak into the hearts, minds and goals of a company’s most valuable resource — their people. +

In her truly unique keynotes, Jade blends inspiration with mind-blowing classical and original genre-bending music, all while driving home an organization’s theme. Her expertise has been called upon by an array of organizations looking to create a culture of excellence and foster meaningful change, including Deloitte, RBC, Pfizer, University of Michigan, and more, plus important conferences like Simmons International Leadership. Her specialty is in activating a renewed and redefined sense of purpose, while also speaking on cultivating innovation and originality and providing tools to unleash momentum in life and business.

Jade has also toured the US extensively in recital, and with orchestra, highlighted by performances at venues as wide-ranging as Ravinia, the Chicago Sinfonietta in Symphony Hall, New York’s Town Hall and the Detroit Institute of Arts. She has performed at The White House, and has also received the Sphinx Organization’s Medal of Excellence in a concert held at the US Supreme Court, hosted by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Listed as one of Ebony magazine’s “Top 30 Leaders under 30”, Jade’s impressive musical background and diverse cultural experiences have made her a pioneer and source of inspiration for her legions of fans. --


How to Move Like a Maverick: An Unforgettable Combination of Inspiration, Information & Entertainment +

How to Move Like a Maverick is on uncommon ground balancing potent and applicable information, illuminating performances, inspirational speaking and simple fun-loving entertainment all in one dazzling keynote experience. It’s perfect for corporations and organizations looking to surprise and mesmerize their audiences, achieve and maintain breakthrough, cultivate the ability to think and brand like a maverick, and to inspire creative rejuvenation and mind-blowing innovation in their teams and conference attendees. --

Piano Parables: Uncommon Lessons in Unleashing Momentum in Life & Business +

Audiences enjoy an unforgettable combination of inspiration, information and entertainment in one dazzling keynote experience! In this signature keynote, Jade provides a truly unique blend of simple fun-loving entertainment balanced with potent and applicable information, illuminating performances, and inspirational speaking. Jade customizes the program for each event, weaving in the appropriate audience takeaways. Piano Parables is perfect for corporations and organizations striving to unleash momentum, brand and market like a maverick, rejuvenate creativity, and inspire mind-blowing innovation.

Activate your audience by selecting from these highly customizable takeaways:

  • The Value of Vision: The importance of establishing clear vision and simultaneously allowing it to expand and adapt for maximum impact.
  • How to Stir Up Creativity & Innovation: Jade covers the process of unlocking a company or individual’s creative identity, uncovering possibilities for originality and spurring on innovation only at the expense of status quo.
  • Trading in Man-Made Confidence for Supernatural Confidence: An eye-opening redefining of Confidence as we know it that leads to a more sustainable version and a heightened sense of potential for impact in one’s surroundings.
  • Discovering your Purpose & Calling: A signature topic for Jade, she talks about the importance of starting all projects and endeavors from a place of purpose and necessity to the world around us.
  • Unleashing Momentum: Taking a unique perspective based on unleashing momentum from the inside out instead of building or creating it externally.
  • The Habit of Record-breaking: Include strategies on creating and maintaining a culture of excellence, and techniques on how to push through analysis paralysis.
  • The Art of Resilience: Surprisingly inspirational, learn how to slay fear, reframe failure and rejoice in rejection.
  • A Lifestyle of Urgency / Emergence / Maverick Behavior: Lessons revolving around developing a way of life that sees results at a quicker pace once one discovers the urgency behind the solutions they offer. An attitude of Emergence is the habit of always looking for the Level Next, and Maverick Behavior is about succeeding by always looking to do things differently, unexpectedly and powerfully.

Jade uses a concert grand piano to enhance the delivery and audience experience in this 60-mintue program. For Women’s events, a version focused on inspiring women to walk more passionately and powerfully in their purpose is also available. --

Youth Unwasted! +

Jade Simmons wakes up audiences of young adults! Youth Unwasted is the ideal program for commencements and youth conferences. Jade gets young go-getters activated by igniting a passion for a high-octane lifestyle outside the boundaries of school. Young movers and shakers become inspired to serve as catalysts for change in the world around them. From mindless achieving to purposeful boundary breaking, the focus is on finding a passion in life that goes beyond recognition, dedicating a portion of one’s life to impacting others. Jade’s presentation offers a strategic plan that sets young world changers on a definitive course of action. Perfect for high school, middle school and college graduations as well as youth rallies.

A faith-based version is available for Christian youth conferences. --

The Art of Growing Up Black & Gifted in America: The Singular Tale of a Black, Female, Classical Pianist +

This musical and story-filled experience is the unique, inspirational journey of Jade Simmons. Jade shares how she uncovered her creative identity, developed a love affair with classical music, and confronted the implications of race, gender, and faith on the future she chose. As the daughter of a civil rights activist, she learned a lot about choosing her battles by watching her father vehemently fight them all. Equally a product of her mother’s faith-focused child rearing, Jade speaks passionately about the role purpose-based living has played in building her diversified career and her life. Her insights are perfect for conferences focusing on diversity, race relations, gender studies, civil rights, and politics. A popular presentation with African American audiences, women’s conferences, and emerging artists. --

Passion Empowerment +

An expert in Passion Empowerment, Jade trains companies how to empower their executives, leaders and employees to harness the power of their personal passions for the benefit of the workplace. This program is centered on the premise that following one’s passion is not always about breaking out of an environment, but sometimes it’s about breaking into your current one in a more effective, powerful and impacting way. Organizations striving to usher in an era of heightened productivity and profit, transformational leadership, improved work environment and greater employee happiness and retention will benefit from this program.

In this four-hour program, Jade provides unique training for corporate leadership audiences. Her presentation combines strategic planning with interactive exercises. A piano is not used in this experience. --

The Romejii Residency for College and University Arts Programs +

This multi-layered residency designed to activate emerging artists, is the ultimate experience in inspiration, information and entertainment. Residency components include a career development seminar on being Purpose-based, Brand Building, a public lecture on the Art of Growing up Black and Gifted in America and a rousing performance of Romejii.

Pronounced, (Ro- MEE- jee), this stunning one-woman show is Jade’s signature concert adventure, spanning Rachmaninoff to Rap with world-class storytelling in between. The residency has a three-part focus as follows:

  1. Jade helps arts and entrepreneurially-focused students discover their creative identity
  2. She brings career development strategy with an emphasis on long-term viability
  3. She encourages the fostering of innovative performances and public Engagement

Romejii is also the realization of Jade’s philosophies on artistic identity, innovation in performance and audience development and serves as a perfect full-circle culmination to the residency.

Designed especially for university settings, Jade generally provides a 60-90 minute seminar with Q&A, a 90-minute concert, and 60 minute lectures. Delivery of the program can be customized over 3 session visits throughout the academic year. For example, she can serve as a guest speaker for various department classes as well as perform both solo and with a student ensemble. --

Jade Simmons is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, Jade Simmons' speaking schedule, fees & booking conference speaker Jade Simmons contact us.


Jade Simmons is not a speaker. She’s an experience.

–C.E.O National Conference


Jade Simmons is not a speaker. She’s an experience.

–C.E.O National Conference

She is an utterly beguiling stage presence, moving from stupendous keyboard virtuosity to personable program commentary in one agile step.

–Seattle Times

She makes a brilliant impression, has a presence which fills the room, and plays with authority and dedication… Additionally, her outreach to young people in the name of classical music is vital.


Jade – I just have to tell you that in over 35 years that I have been producing and directing all types of events, with scores of talented performers, you are one of the very best. Not just because you are incredibly talented, an amazing musician, an engaging speaker, but because you are just such a nice and beautiful person. You were kind and nice to everyone involved with the event. You took time to treat people as if they were your friends. I can tell you, the talk backstage, out of your ear shot, was…” she is the nicest person we have ever worked with… and she killed her performance.”  We were all on the edge of our seats backstage. I hope we did a good job for you. thank you, thank you. Your message was spot on. Your kindness was so appreciated. I can see why you are in such demand and so successful.

–University of the Pacific



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