Michael Kerr: The Workplace Energizer

Michael Kerr - The Workplace EnergizerMICHAEL KERR
Are you Serious about Your Success?

I was talking to another professional speaker the other day and we both observed how often it is that the clients who really need us never seem to be the ones who book us. Conversely, it’s often the clients who already excel at customer service that hire more customer service training or the businesses that are known for their fun that hire humor in the workplace speakers.

This of course makes sense. The reason strong, successful organizations known for their great workplace cultures are so successful is because they value training. They value and invest in continuous improvement, training and developing their people.

So they don’t sit on their laurels. They don’t get complacent. The best constantly strive to get even better, which is what makes them the best!

This holds true for professional athletes, professional musicians, workplaces and individuals. So the question is, “Are you serious about your people, about your customers, about your culture?” If the answer is yes, then you better get serious about investing in continuous learning and development, otherwise the answer is really no!