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Our Toronto & GTA CASINO EVENTS are one of the best interactive programs to entertain guests for an extended period of time at corporate events.

They also happen to be one of our specialties.

Not only do these events entertain and amuse the participants, but it is they who are truly providing the entertainment, in an atmosphere conducive to mingling and interacting with colleagues all in a spirit of light-hearted and care-free fun.

Guests compete for the opportunity to win prizes (provided by the client.) The better one's luck at the tables, the more play money or chips are accumulated and then redeemed for draw tickets with a raffle for prizes at the event's conclusion.

K&M Productions provides all of the definitive components for a successful and memorable FUN NIGHT CASINO or VEGAS-THEME event including:







Our Casino Fun Nights also make great team building events. For example, we begin the evening with cocktails and a practice/instructional session. During this time our professional and friendly casino dealers will be providing hands-on instruction and teaching everyone how to play the various games; Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, and Texas Hold 'Em Poker. You can't get this at a real casino! +

Following the instruction (with an optional break for dinner) teams will be chosen and a name for each team will be determined by the participants. Each team member will be given play money redeemable for chips, distributed at each gaming table and each team will develop their own strategy to try to win the most money.

Following the instruction or after dinner the competition will begin. Upbeat background music adds to the ambience of the party as teams try and decide if their strategy is working. They may change their course at any time, as long as the team agrees.

At a designated time the team captain will collect the chips from their team members. The team with the most money wins (and the client may opt to provide prizes for the winning team.) It's a fun and really great way to bring the excitement of Las Vegas to your next meeting or conference!

Delivery, set-up, casino operation by licensed croupiers, chips or play money, stools (for blackjack tables & poker), draw tickets & draw drum (for raffling off prizes at the conclusion), and of course on-site supervision and coordination by us -  are all included. --

VEGAS-THEME EVENTS are quoted on a custom basis. For more information and to book a FUN NIGHT CASINO or VEGAS-THEME Event simply contact us.

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