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Charity Events & Fundraising F.A.Q.
for event organizers and individuals looking to host fundraising and charity events:

1. What are your policies concerning charity events & fundraisers?
Our services are limited to providing and coordinating the chosen entertainment or speaker program. At the time of the booking, we provide support materials (ie. high resolution photo; brief description of the speaker or show, A-V requirements & an 'intro' for the host-emcee.) The onus is entirely on the client to determine and administer ticket costs and sales, as well as handle any pre-event publicity. Obviously the further in advance the event is booked, the more time to publicize the event and generate 'buzz'.

2. What types of programs are best for fundraisers?
The best events for successful fund-raisers are generally interactive entertainment programs with their own self-contained production included in their cost (ie. professional grade sound system & basic stage lighting) such as Dueling Pianos, Hypnosis Shows, as well as comedy-magic shows, and certain musical programs like this or this.

3. What are your policies regarding payments & cancellations?
We always recommend to clients that they have some sort of corporate sponsorship in place to underwrite the costs of any speaker or entertainment program.

For these specific types of events, the full, contracted amount is always paid in full at the time of the booking. Neither K&M Productions nor any of the entertainers, speakers or suppliers represented assume any financial risk or liability whatsoever arising out of such bookings - whether the client meets, exceeds or fails to achieve their fundraising objectives.

4. Do you have entertainers willing to work for a percentage of the door rather than a flat fee?

5. I notice that you have some big, recognizable names on your site. Would they consider donating their services free of charge for our event?
These people have extremely busy schedules and have their own list of personal charities and organizations that they lend their names to. If your organization or charity is not one that they are already aligned with, then to engage them, would require paying their appearance fee (which brings us back to recommending some form of corporate sponsorship.)

6. We're a non-profit organization with a very limited budget. Do you have anyone willing to offer an extremely reduced fee?
Again, in these instances, we recommend some form of corporate sponsorship to underwrite the speaker or entertainment program costs. These people like anyone else derive their incomes from their respective professions; They have mortgages and bills to pay; kids to put through school and neither tax receipts nor the offer of 'great exposure' are going to put food on their tables.


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