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booking mind readers the evasonsThe Evasons
Award-winning Mentalists & Psychic Entertainers - Virtual & Live Shows
Peers and fans alike (including Penn & Teller) recognize Jeff and Tessa Evason as the finest mentalist duo in the world. Hailed as "The most amazing mind-reading act you’ve ever seen!" by Powers of the Paranormal on FOX-TV, the extraordinary duo have performed in over 30 countries & made numerous appearances on major television networks including The World's Greatest Magic on NBC, Grand Illusions on the Discovery Channel and Masters of Illusion on PAX. Based in Toronto & Baltimore

booking mentalist derek selinger
Derek Selinger
Award-winning Illusionist & Mind Reader
When was the last time you sat on the edge of your seat, fully engaged, eyes wide open in amazement? Illusionist and mind reader Derek Selinger will have you captivated and spellbound from the moment he steps on the stage until long after the lights go down. In his amazing presentations, Selinger does it all, from perceiving thoughts and anticipating decisions of audience members, to performing breathtaking illusions that challenge people’s perceptions as experience and reality collide. Based in Calgary.

booking magician brian glowBrian Glow
International Illusionist & Comedy Magician
Since 1973 Brian Glow has performed his award winning Mind Reading shows & his incredible full scale Illusion shows internationally for Casinos, Television, Film, Corporate Events & Extravagant Public Spectacles world-wide. Performances & special effects magic & illusions for major sporting events including the Winter Olympics & Pan American Games, Grey Cup & JUNO music awards as well as for, corporate events, symphonies, rock concerts, theatre, opera and ballet, Based in Winnipeg.

booking mentalist Paul PacificPaul Pacific
Mind Reading, ESP & Mentalism Shows
To list just two of Paul Pacific's accomplishments, he was once asked to find the general manager of Paramount Canada's Wonderland who was hiding somewhere in the park. He did manage to find her in less than 2 hours and 45 minutes - even though she was wearing a DISGUISE!! On another occasion, he drove a car while blindfolded through the streets of Niagara Falls, using only the guidance of the thoughts of the brave committee in the car with him. Based in Toronto.

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