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Hypnosis Shows
(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. Is there a minimum audience size requirement for Hypnosis shows?

A.  In order to have a enough volunteers on stage that will become "the stars of the show" (as well as ensuring a sufficient sized audience remaining), some Hypnotists request an absolute minimum overall attendance of 100-120 people. Master Hypnotists Incredible Boris, Paul Anthony, Ed Fernandez & Ian Stewart however routinely perform fun and highly-interactive hypnosis shows for smaller groups. (Minimum 50 people.)

Q. How long is a typical hypnosis show and how does it work?

A. Generally, Hypnosis shows are approximately 70-75 minutes in duration. The Hypnotist will attempt to induce the volunteers into a very relaxed state of consciousness (i.e. hypnotic trance) - but obviously some people are more susceptible to "the Power of Suggestion" than others. It is a completely transparent, observable, utterly harmless and very relaxing process which merely uses language to help influence the behavior of the volunteers on stage.

At the Hypnotist's discretion and through a process of elimination, all but the very best remaining subjects are sent back to their seats to rejoin the audience. The remaining volunteers on stage are then guided through a number of very controlled, carefully orchestrated, entertaining and non-harmful fictional scenarios created by the Hypnotist.

Q. Can a person become "stuck" in a trance/hypnotic state?

A. It is impossible to become "stuck" in a trance. You cannot be "stuck" in a hypnotic state any more than you can be "stuck" in a daydream. Were a person to not be released from a hypnotic trance by the hypnotist, all that would happen is that the person would fall asleep and awaken naturally. You remain aware of yourself, your surroundings and you can voluntarily terminate the trance at any point.

Q. Is the show appropriate for a corporate event/corporate audience?

A. Absolutely. The show works best with a fun, light-hearted, liberal-minded audience, and preferably with the attendees knowing in advance what type of a show *to expect. (Hypnosis shows are excellent 'draws' at corporate and other special events!) None of the Hypnotists represented by K&M Productions utilize risque, offensive, sensitive or lewd scenarios nor do they use nor allow the use of inappropriate language during their shows. Volunteers upon being released from the hypnotic state will feel refreshed, relaxed and revitalized - as if they have experienced several hours of very deep, restful sleep. They are always treated with great care and the utmost respect by the Hypnotist.

* Of course a show like this may not have universal appeal with all audiences and all tastes (as with anything.) We would be pleased to suggest any number of alternative and suitable entertainment programs based on an in-depth discussion with you whether via phone, e-mail or in person. ALL entertainment; the ability to allow oneself to be entertained; as well as how and what entertains us - are all based on subjective, individual moods, personalities and preferences..

Q. What type of corporate functions are appropriate for a Hypnosis show, and what type of functions aren't?

A. Generally, a Hypnosis show can be performed at any type of corporate event where the entire audience is seated, either theatre style or in table rounds (for luncheons, dinners, banquets, galas, etc.) It is imperative that the Hypnotist have the audience's undivided attention. A cocktail reception or other informal social setting where the guests are distracted, or standing and mingling with each other will not work, nor can Hypnosis be performed on a strolling basis. (Yes, we've been asked for this!) Other more suitable forms of strolling entertainment (which K&M Productions also represents) are more appropriate for receptions and hospitality events. Contact us to discuss further.

Q. What is the cost for a 1st class, professional stage Hypnosis show?

A.  A professional Hypnosis Show is a highly specialized form of entertainment, presented by skilled, professional experts with many years of experience in entertaining a wide variety of audiences and age groups. It should NOT be compared to any other form of entertainment from a budgetary stand-point because it truly is in a class by itself. The vast majority of clients who have experienced this type of program appreciate that when compared to many other types of stage presentations, comedy shows, etc., it is one of the absolute "best entertainment bangs for the buck" both in terms of an interactive show with a program length of typically between 60 & 90 minutes and, in overall entertainment value.

Pricing is dependent on name recognition, the reputation, career highlights and awards, media exposure, the popularity of the Hypnotist, audience size, as well as other variables including how far the show venue is from the Hypnotist's locale. Contact us for pricing.

Depending on the geographic location of where the event is being hosted, additional costs for  travel expenses, accommodations and meals may also be incurred and are the Client's responsibility over and above the show costs as are audio-visual requirements in certain cases.

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