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Boris Cherniak

Award-winning Motivational Hypnotist & Speaker

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Hypnotist Boris Cherniak a.k.a "Incredible Boris" is a multiple award winning comedian hypnotist, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, actor and author. He regularly appears on television showcasing his incredible powers of hypnosis, positive thinking and sharing his message of limitless possibilities.  +

Boris' entertaining career spans over 30 years. He started hypnotizing people at parties and get-togethers and soon found himself absorbing all available information about hypnosis, psychology and any other related subject studying at York University, University of Toronto and Seneca College. The show he created from hours of practice is hilarious and participating audience members shine in front of their peers and friends. It delivers a positive message showcasing the unlimited potential and immense powers of the mind. The show breaks ground and elevates the observer to a higher level of consciousness.

Boris has been featured on numerous television programs. He is a regular guest expert on Maury, helping people with unusual fears and phobias. He has also appeared on Montel, the Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show, Comics, and prominent comedy festivals - Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and Boston Comedy Festival.

In 2008 Boris followed Jane Fonda and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York at the Women as Global Leaders Conference in Dubai, U.A.E. - a royal command performance. The presentation was so well received, Boris was asked to do an encore performance, as well as returning later that year for a return engagement.

Boris is a proud receipient of two Global Leader Awards for his positive presentations that stand out. He has won the prestigious Entertainer of the Year Award twice, was nominated for 2010 Canadian Comedy Award, and has received more than 20 other award nominations to date.

In 2011and 2013, Boris entertained troops in Afghanistan's Bagram Air Field as part of Operation HOT - Honoring Our Troops. Boris was honored with commendations from the City of Houston and a letter from President Obama for his efforts.

In 2014, Boris joined the elite team of inspiring TED speakers with his "I can do anything" TED talk at TEDxYouth event. The passion with which Boris takes the stage is engaging and contagious, while the impact of his presentations stays with the audience long after the event has ended.  -- 

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On July 8, 2019, Boris Cherniak received the prestigious Global Guru Award - an award bestowed upon top motivators and influencers who motivate and inspire and represent Canada on the world stage.


Relieve stress and anxiety while being inspired and motivated. Boris provides immediately actionable ways to eliminate fears and negative thinking. He leads the team through guided meditation and provides stories to create a positive mental state. Boris inspires, delivers results and is a thought leader who will make a difference. Boris is a leading authority on positive thinking and fearless attitude in life and business. The presentation includes a Q&A period that provides concrete examples and a download to reinforce the material. More details: +

Overall Duration: 60-90 minutes, broken down as:

30 minutes of informative ideas including:

  • How self-hypnosis works
  • Address misconceptions
  • Power of positive thinking
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Empowering self confidence
  • Develop mental and physical health
  • How fears form and how to eliminate them

20 minutes of guided relaxation and meditation

10 minutes Q&A (or longer)

At the end of the presentation, attendees are provided with a link to a self-hypnosis MP3 download to help relax and relieve stress.


  • Team motivation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Group guided meditation
  • Suggestions for
    - positive mindset    
    - stress relief     
    - fearless attitude
  • Empowerment

Powerful Message

Inspirational presentation with powerful take away tools. Boris helps achieve extraordinary results. He is a leading expert in psychology of fearless attitude and stress relief. He will aleviate anxiety and provide logical reasonireasoning along with inspiration. --


  • Hilarious edutainment presentation for team building to spark success and deliver results Informative motivational programs to transform thinking. Boris helps understand and overcome mental blocks with humorous hands-on examples.

  • Deal with difficult situations effectively and decisively in a business environment with the tools and the how-to succeed formula.

You Can Do Anything  +

Author of a book that bears the name of this program, this unique and interactive demonstration of power of suggestion shows ways to overcome challenges and discover people's untapped potential. The format is fast-paced and entertaining. Employees at all levels will embrace future with innovation, productivity, creative and positive thinking. Attendees will learn to focus on maximizing their potential. This keynote or seminar is hilarious, interactive and informative.  --

Program Your Mind for Success  +

High achievers set goals and envision success. Boris provides a simple method to use daily to program your mind for success. Prophetic thinking will be your way of life that leads to a path of happiness, productivity and success. Programming through power of suggestion, self-talk or prophetic thinking is demonstrated in a highly interactive and hilarious presentation of mind control that will be hard to outdo at the next company event.  --

Fear No Fear  +

Boris is a regular guest expert on Maury, helping people with unusual and extreme phobias, which makes him uniquely qualified to discuss how easily fears can be overcome. This unique and interactive presentation teaches attendees that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is learned and we all have them – public speaking, darkness and even the unknown. The presentation is interactive, hilarious and delivers the message loud and clear to help attendees deal with change, fear, stress, and achieving goals. Highly entertaining and powerful keynote presentation where attendees become stars.  --


Boris is a charismatic performer. People will be laughing throught the entire performance as their friends perform on stage. The show is filled with unique and unforgettable material. Side splitting comedy, improvisation is combined with audience participation. Boris will bring out people's hidden talents and put an hilarious twist to what we consider reality. Theatrics and music are a big part of the show. The audience is inspired and entertained. Boris brings unprecedented stage experience and carefully crafted routines to make the participants shine. The material is customized to every group and no two shows are ever similar. Laughter echoes through the venue in the hands of a skilled hypnotist and master showman.  +

Boris is keynote speaker and provides motivation and team building as part of his hypnosis show. He regularly performs for many top names in the corporate world. If you are looking for team building and inspiration for your group, this is a perfect keynote presentation. Boris has won numerous awards. At college and university campuses, Boris shows students the limitless posibilities of the mind. Theatre and casino showrooms boast happy customers who return to see him again and again.

Participants are always treated with kindness and respect. The show is comical and always tasteful.

Boris has won numerous national and international awards. He effortlessly achieves audience participation. His knowledge of psychology will have people in your group volunteering to be part of this show. Nothing needs to be pre-arranged. It all happens right in front of your eyes. Boris has devised a very fast hypnosis induction that will have people saying "How did he do that?"

The show is musical and fast pace, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. Music is used to enhance and complement the performance. Boris chooses his routines carefully to tell inspirational stories and get attendees to interact with one another. He often incorporates organizer messages and brands into his show and has enhanced corporate events and product launches. The show is very captivating and normally lasts 60 to 90 minutes. The vast amount of comedy keeps the audience entertained and wanting more.

Routines range from television and Hollywood themes to being a contestant on a reality program. Boris demonstrates how to break out of our shells to achieve limitless possibilities through control of our own minds. His personality is friendly and people volunteer to be part of the show with great enthusiasm. Boris helps people tap into their creative abilities. With the help of imagination and power of suggestion, people travel and take glamorous vacations, spend time on sandy beaches and enjoy White Water Rafting on the Colorado River without leaving the performance venue. They become celebrities and fashion models. His trademark routine is often talked about afterwards, where a participant answers to the name is "Chip", forgetting their real one. If you were a skeptic before, after the show you will be convinced about the authenticity of hypnosis. Boris promises unforgettable shows with tremendous "wow factor!"

The Incredible Boris is dazzling audiences worldwide. He has appeared live across USA, Canada, Bermuda, Caribbean, Japan, Hawaii and even Dubai and Amsterdam. He has entertained the troops across the word, most recently in Afghansitan. He is a favorite on college and university campuses during orientation and frosh week. His appearances draw record crowds at festivals and fairs. You can also find this hypnotist performing in theaters, casino showrooms, cruise ships and corporate events. His fascinating show delivers a wow factor that event planners rave about - it makes them look great for booking this exciting performer. His reputation is unmatched and his fan base constantly grows. That is why, Boris is often hired back by popular demand repeatedly.

Boris is a frequently featured guest on numerous television talk shows. He knows his craft so well that he has become a regular on the Maury show helping people with fears and phobias. He has also appeared on Montel, Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show, Comics among many others. His comedic talents were showcased at the Boston Comedy Festival and Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Boris is an expert in psychology, hypnotism, body language and power of suggestion. He knows how to use language and human behavior to achieve maximum effect. He is a comedian who presents his craft using hypnosis. The Incredible BORIS is everything his name suggests - a way to describe a positive attitude and a constant state of mind. Boris is a hypnotists' hypnotist, tours extensively and brings a spark to any event.  --

Boris Cherniak is represented by K&M Productions. He travels from Toronto. For more information, Boris Cherniak's speaking & performance schedules & booking Boris Cherniak, contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Awesome Performance!” HUGE THANK YOU for being a speaker in this year's TEDxYouth@Toronto! It was amazing to watch your talk come to life from paper, to rehearsal, to the stage. Great work!



Awesome Performance!” HUGE THANK YOU for being a speaker in this year's TEDxYouth@Toronto! It was amazing to watch your talk come to life from paper, to rehearsal, to the stage. Great work!


Lively, interesting & very funny!! We learned something new & useful about human mind, both on & off stage.


The turnout for our closing ceremonies was the best ever. Staff are still talking about how much fun they had.

–Economical Insurance

Everyone really enjoyed the show! It was hilarious watching. Thanks again.


Here are some samples of the feedback we received from our attendees:

"When the idea of a hypnotist was first introduced, I was a bit skeptical. I had doubts the Lions would enjoy this type of entertainment and personally, I did not believe this could hold folks attention. Well, I am a convert. Within minutes, I was amazed at what he had folks doing - strictly through the power of suggestion. Boris was extremely professional and demonstrated great care for the folks on stage. No one was asked to do anything they would later regret and over 200 people in the audience were well entertained for over 90 minutes. As a side note, before releasing the folks from the stage, Boris made a few suggestions about their future well-being. He included the comment that smokers would no longer want to smoke. That took place Saturday evening, April 21 - today, two full weeks later, my wife has not touched a cigarette and has felt no urge to do so! This was not even a part of the show..."

"The show was hysterically funny to the point you did not want to leave your seat or the room for fear of missing the next prank. Wonderful show all around. Boris was entertaining and professional with respect to all participating Lions audience members."

Thank you K&M Productions and Boris once again....nothing but postive feedback.

–Lions Club Convention

Boris never ceases to amaze…

–Howie Mandel, Talk Show Host / Comedian

World-renowned, the most incredible person in this genre!

–Montel Williams, Talk Show Host

Prepare to gasp in wonder!

–Toronto Sun


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