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The Evasons - EVASONS
Mesmerizing All at the Creative Alliance

Featured in the Baltimore Post Examiner – May 2013

The Evasons - www.kmprod.comI would have never guessed that the woman who was sitting across the aisle from me last Friday night was wearing a locket with miniature pictures of both her grandmother and her great grandmother.  Nor would I have guessed that the guy at the table to my left was carrying a pack of Marlboros which contained nineteen cigarettes – with one turned upside down.  Or that the man next to him was thinking of the number 93.

I would have never guessed these seemingly random facts, but Tessa Evason did.  Or did she know?

For 30 years, Tessa and her husband Jeff have amazed audiences around the world with surprisingly accurate demonstrations of extra sensory perception (ESP) and mental telepathy.  Last Friday the Annapolis couple made their Maryland premiere at Creative Alliance in Baltimore.  The Evasons were joined on the bill that night by the highly entertaining comedy juggler Michael DuBois.

Cigarettes and family relics weren’t the only things Tessa correctly intuited.  Bracelets, gold rings, key chains and an unusual bottle opener were just a few of the other items Tessa correctly identified while standing blind-folded on the stage.  Not only did Tessa identify these items sight unseen but she also related intimate information about each piece.  The detailed descriptions shocked more than one participant, and with each passing point, the Evasons seemed to convince even the most critical spectator.

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