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Derek Selinger

Illusionist, Mind Reader & Conference Speaker


When was the last time you sat on the edge of your seat, fully engaged, eyes wide open in amazement? Illusionist and mind reader Derek Selinger will have you captivated and spellbound from the moment he steps on the stage until long after the lights go down. In his amazing presentations, Selinger does it all, from perceiving thoughts and anticipating decisions of audience members, to performing breathtaking illusions that challenge people’s perceptions as experience and reality collide.

Selinger is the choice of corporate audiences on five continents for more than ten years. A winner of six international awards, Derek has “wowed” royalty and the corporate elite, honing his skills as a first-class entertainer in front of millions all over the world on six major television networks including the Discovery Network, Fox News, CTV and Global.

In his keynote capacity, Selinger provides carefully crafted “edu-tainment” designed to connect and inspire. Believing that all business is show business, Selinger prepares leaders for the spotlight, sharing the lessons he’s learned as an acclaimed performer to inspire them to shine.


Derek Selinger's Stage Shows:

Engage – A Mind Reading and Illusion Experience that Creates Corporate Audience Connection!

Can you name the last corporate event you attended where the entertainment had you on the edge of your seat, fully engaged, eyes wide open in amazement?

  • Witness the mystifying power of the mind as Derek perceives thoughts and anticipates decisions;
  • Feel the magic of breathtaking illusions;
  • Participate in this powerful multi-sensory experience.

Laugh, relax and enjoy a master entertainer who can blend his wonderful sense of humour and quick wit together with your unique group of individuals to create one-of-a-kind memories and spark water cooler discussions for the rest of the year!

The signature corporate entertainment of Engage will have audiences spellbound from the moment Derek Selinger steps on the stage until long after the lights go down. Throughout this dynamic and entertaining performance, Derek will engage your audience’s senses, mystify their minds, and delight their eyes. You will be amazed at the unique opportunities this cure-all ice-breaker will create for the rest of your event, making your corporate hospitality second-to-none!

An Explosive Illusion Stage Show Experience Where the Impossible IS Possible
60 minutes

This exciting illusion stage show is designed to be the ideal length to captivate the attention of a corporate audience with an explosive expression of spectacle and imagination.


  • Someone could read your thoughts at any given moment?
  • You could witness a woman materialize out of thin air in the blink of an eye?
  • Your heart pounded so loud you could hear it as you watched someone manipulate the fragility of life before your very eyes?

You would have to SEE it to BELIEVE it…

In Captivate, Derek Selinger transports audiences to another dimension with this unparalleled, unbelievable and mind blowing fast-paced illusion stage show experience. Captivate the imagination of your audience with Las Vegas-style illusions and leave them gasping for breath as they exclaim together “How is that possible? How did he do that?!”

Derek Selinger's Speaking Presentations:

“It”: Understanding and Developing Charisma

Do you have “it”? Do you have a personal magnetism that seems to draw people to you, and more importantly, allows you to be a person of influence in their lives?  Do you find that people want to follow you?

Even if we don’t think that of ourselves, we have likely witnessed this gravitas in others. Their ability to relate and influence seems almost magical, as it appears to be so effortless. They have “it”. They have Charisma.

The truth is that you do have “it”. Charisma is one of the least talked about traits in personal and leadership development because it appears to be so enigmatic. In this session, Derek will relate a lifetime of experience and research as a leader, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a film-maker and an entertainer to unpack the nature of Charisma. He will explain that Charisma is a talent, and that we have all been born with a measure of this talent. While there may be those in this world that have been blessed with natural ability in this area, all of our charismatic talent can and should be developed to the fullest extent.  This is especially relevant for those in leadership. Charisma is a force that can make your leadership influence exponentially more effective.

You have “it”. And you can develop “it” to become an even better leader than you are already.

The keys to developing your Charismatic potential are simple, and it is being intentional about exploring and developing what makes you charismatic that will allow you to rise in influence.

In this session you will:

  • Develop a working definition of Charisma, and understand how it is a talent;
  • Come to understand that you have “it”, and you can develop “it”
  • Learn where Charisma lies in the leadership paradigm. (You can’t lead on Charisma alone!)
  • Learn the three keys essential to unlocking any charismatic action or ability;
  • Learn five characteristics present in those with developed Charismatic talents, and be offered practical suggestions on how to develop these characteristics for yourself

If you are ready to be inspired by a well thought out and highly practical session, which offers a fresh perspective from a presenter that lives in the trenches of business and performance… look no further!

The Spotlight Mentality: Position and Perception Create Peak Performance

Corporate culture has invested billions in becoming more efficient and streamlined. It divvies up any extra profit to lure and keep top talent, while fighting the good fight against low employee engagement, a tough economy, and a steady stream of technological changes.

So, what matters to the people actually doing YOUR business right now? What kinds of ideas will spark their enthusiasm for their work in such a way that it burns brightly enough to increase their current performance and engagement, AND can also grow into an all-consuming passion they can nurture over the lifetime of their careers?

Fortune Magazine’s “Best 100 Companies to Work For” article shows over-and-over again how companies lose talent, engagement and ground, when they that allow their employees to feel as replaceable as parts in a machine that can simply be unscrewed and swapped out whenever the notion strikes senior management.

This pattern of thought, which Derek Selinger calls the “assembly line mentality”, is as archaic as the industrial revolution, yet it is still pervasive in corporate culture today!

Derek exposes how ineffective the assembly line mentality has become and establishes that every single person in your organization has an opportunity – and an obligation – to shine in the workplace. He does this by teaching his audience “The Spotlight Mentality”: how to use position and perception to create their very own peak performance in work and in life.

The magic happens as this idea of being in the spotlight every time they work the magic you hired them to perform captures the imagination of each member of your team, taking hold to drive them on to be better participants in their work, their community and their lives… because as they engage their talent and passions, they unlock their potential of achieving better results than ever before!

The Formula: What it takes to make leadership magic!

With a myriad of leadership information on the market today – bookstore shelves brimming with leadership strategies and concepts, and innumerable web sites each purporting to hold the key to the kingdom – it seems like the answer to this question has become buried under an avalanche of data that would take lifetimes to sort through.

What today’s leaders need, especially in this day and age of instant messaging and rapid-fire decision-making, is not more information, but rather the wisdom to understand which information they need to apply and learn at any given moment.

Derek Selinger’s “The Formula” provides a framework with which to evaluate the best tools and techniques you need to grow as a leader on a macro scale, and then how to apply those grand ideas to the particular micro context you are in.

Leadership is a performance art; good leadership, like any good art, takes into account the science of its art form, and then provides the artist the freedom to express themselves. “The Formula” seeks to provide a framework around this elusive and mysterious subject, allowing you to improve your skills with metrics that matter to you.

Derek Selinger is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, Derek Selinger's speaking schedule, fees & booking Derek Selinger, contact us

Partial Client List

Acera Developments Inc.
Agricore United
Agrium Inc.
Alliance University College & Nazarene University College
AML Mechanical
Association of Insurance Brokers of Alberta
Blakes Cassels & Graydon
banzai! Communications - New York City
Brookfield Properties Corporation
Canadian Association of Police Boards
Calgary Airport Authority
Calgary Police Service
Casino Regina
CEO TV on Global
Chevron Canada Ltd.
City of Langley, BC
CityTV - Breakfast Television
ConocoPhillips Canada
CTV Television Inc.
Delta Hotels [more]
Discovery Communications Inc.
Ducks Unlimited Inc.
Edmonton Christmas Party
Enbridge Inc.
Fluor Corporation
French National TV Station TV 5
Friesians Publishing
Funeral Directors of British Columbia
Genting Festival of Magic in Malaysia
Golder Associates Ltd.
Greyhound Canada Transportation Corporation
HAWC II Helicopter Unveiling
High River Honda
Holland America Line Inc.
Hudson's Bay Company
Investment Planners Inc.
Jack Carter Chevrolet Cadillac
Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc.
Miller Thompson
Moose Jaw Cultural Centre
Newpark Drilling Fluids
North Caribou Air
Paramount Resources – A Starry Night
Paramount Resources Ltd.
PrimeWest Energy Trust
Remington Development Corporation
RK Heli Ski
Royal LePage
Royal LePage Real Estate Services
Rundle College
Schlumberger Ltd.
Seabourn Cruise Line
Seneca Energy Canada Ltd.
Spartan Controls
SWIFT Conference
The Calgary Airport Authority
The Calgary Stampede
The City of Calgary
The Pajama Party – Jasper Park Lodge
The Riviera Hotel & Casino
TransCanada PipeLines Ltd.
Travel Alberta
Trinity Drilling
University of Regina
Venture Communications
Veritas Energy Services
Webber Academy
Westin Hotels and Resorts
White Hat Awards with Gord Gillie

What Clients are Saying

The willingness and ability of Derek to be our event host as well as entertainer made the event go much more smoothly. Derek’s professionalism throughout was perfect. He was accommodating and respectful, and of course, Derek’s illusions were superb—people were talking about it for days later and saying it was the best evening’s entertainment this annual conference has ever had.

–CAPB – Canadian Association of Police Boards


The willingness and ability of Derek to be our event host as well as entertainer made the event go much more smoothly. Derek’s professionalism throughout was perfect. He was accommodating and respectful, and of course, Derek’s illusions were superb—people were talking about it for days later and saying it was the best evening’s entertainment this annual conference has ever had.

–CAPB – Canadian Association of Police Boards

I happily recommend Derek’s performance to any corporation or group that wishes to experience a first class magical evening of entertainment – up close and personal. The entertainment by Derek Selinger was a definite success.

–The Calgary Airport Authority

As you well know, we are in the broadcast business and our staff can be tough critics as we seem to think we know the “in’s and out’s” of show business. I’m happy to say that your performance wowed even our toughest critics! Derek will have your crowd repeating to themselves over and over “how did he do that?

–CTV Television Inc.

As conference organizers, we were thrilled that your presentation was so much more than a magic show.

–Calgary Board of Education

The show was absolutely fabulous and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. The raves are still coming in.


The show was fast-paced, delightful, mesmerizing and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Vegas caliber

–The Hudson Bay Company

When you captivate an audience of 600 people for an hour and a half, you know you have done well. Most importantly, we appreciated how you tailored your presentation to our business and made connections between what you do and what we do. The short manager session following the keynote presentation was most appreciated. My senior team of leaders felt privileged to be able to meet you after the show.

–Friesens Corporation



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