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Jenn Harper

Speaker, Indigenous Entrepreneur;
Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Founder

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“We as Indigenous people have an innate connection to the land, earth, and water. The importance of paying attention to brands that have experience in sustainability is going to be really important for the world going forward.”

A Beacon of Innovation in Beauty and Philanthropy

Speaker Jenn Harper is not just a name in the beauty industry; she's a revolution. An award-winning social entrepreneur and international conference keynote presenter, Jenn is the trailblazing founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics—a brand that has gracefully painted the ideals of sustainability and inclusion onto a global canvas. From its inception in 2015, Jenn has nurtured Cheekbone Beauty into a B. Corp Certified force, now gracing the shelves of Sephora Canada and 550 JC Penney locations across the USA.

Jenn's journey with Cheekbone began as a digitally native, direct-to-consumer brand that took pride in its commitment to reducing environmental impact and supporting Indigenous communities. Her formidable leadership made sure Cheekbone stood out not only for its stunning products but also for its ethical backbone—it became a symphony of transparency, philanthropy, and support for women and youth. To date, over $250,000 have been donated to philanthropic causes, testament to Cheekbone's core values.

Cheekbone's prestige has been hard-earned. In 2019, Jenn Harper made a confident appearance on Canada's Dragon's Den, the nation's equivalency of Shark Tank. While she turned down offers, her unwavering resolution steered Cheekbone towards exponential growth. Jenn's tactical negotiations led to expansive contracts with major retailers in North America, shining a beacon of inspiration for Indigenous women by placing an Indigenous CEO-led brand on equal footing with global industry giants.

Jenn Harper stands as more than a CEO; she is a voice for entrepreneurship, exerting influence on topics that are reshaping the business landscape: social entrepreneurship, empathy, representation, inclusivity, and sustainability. Regularly sought after for her insights, Jenn weaves her narrative as both a woman and a representative of North America's Indigenous peoples, substantiating the importance of these values in today's business ecosystem.

The accolades accruing to Jenn's name bear the weight of her achievements. In 2022, she was listed among the 100 Women of Influence by Entrepreneur Magazine—a list graced by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. And importantly, in 2023, Jenn was conferred an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. This honorary degree recognized her unwavering dedication to community betterment and adamant endeavors in championing sustainability.

Jenn Harper, with Cheekbone Beauty, brings forth a narrative of passion, resilience, and authenticity. Her biography is not just about the ascent of a brand; it's the story of a vision brought to life, of barriers broken, and of a future envisioned where commerce and charity coalesce seamlessly, all painted with the strokes of an eco-friendly brush.

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Jenn Harper Conference Speaker Presentations:

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Jenn Harper talks about her background, upbringing, challenges overcome, and the entrepreneurial road culminating in the success of Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc.

Helping the World See Indigenous Faces

Join Jenn Harper, the multi-award winning social entrepreneur as she takes you through the creation of Cheekbone Beauty and why representation matters. Cheekbone Beauty aims to help every Indigenous person see and feel their value in the world while developing sustainable colour cosmetics that won’t end up in a landfill.

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What Clients are Saying

Jenn was fantastic. Her message was touching, personal and honest. She was wonderfully professional and prepared. I heard many good things from our delegates afterwards.

–Polytechnics Canada (2024) (Event booked by K&M Productions)


Jenn was fantastic. Her message was touching, personal and honest. She was wonderfully professional and prepared. I heard many good things from our delegates afterwards.

–Polytechnics Canada (2024) (Event booked by K&M Productions)

I couldn’t of asked for a better, down to earth, humble, honest and real speaker for this group of delegates to kick off this conference. She emotionally impacted the attendees with her story and left everyone inspired. She stayed and networked with us till after lunch ensuring that she spoke to as many people as she could. Her story is one that needs to be told. I would highly recommend Jenn Harper to any group. She is something special and will be a superstar soon enough.

–NLOWE (Newfoundland Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs) (2023) (Booked by K&M Productions)

Jenn, I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation, thanks, and gratitude – Not only for your time to be with us yesterday at the "She Owns It" 2023 Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference Northumberland, but your awe-inspiring, genuine, informative, motivational session. Your raw emotion mixed with humour and grace, left the audience wanting more. The feedback we have already received has been the best ever we have received from a speaking session we have held. Thank you for making my vision yesterday come to life, it is because of your talent, your story, and your success, you made the event a success for us.

–Business & Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland - Northumberland County Economic Development (booked by K&M Productions)

Jenn was a great addition to our conference. She added a diverse story to inspire our audience.

–CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) (2023) (Booked by K&M Productions)


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