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  • Feb. 9, 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of the debut of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. We celebrate our ongoing representation (25 years and counting) of Canada's top Beatles tribute band THE CAVERNERS.    



  • Mental Health remains a vital issue in 2024. One of our most requested mental health speakers is MICHAEL LANDSBERG. One of the most moving & authentic presentations you'll ever experience. All companies & associations should have him.

Awesome Powers

Awesome Powers & The Shagadelics - Tribute & Show Band (Toronto)

Show Description

In the words/voice of "Dr. Evil":

"Welcome to my underground lair. I have gathered before me the world's most dangerous musicians. Some of them you know. Some of them you'll meet for the first time. You and your accomplices will be placed in an overly elaborate, unnecessarily slow-moving and easily escapable device of self-destruction. Only problem is, you'll have such a deviously shagadelic time, you won't want it to stop! Oops, Mini-Me, did I just say shagadelic?! Oh well, no harm done, even my arch enemy Awesome Powers would approve. In fact, he's in the band!"

In the words of "Awesome Powers":

"Yes, that's right, Doctor Evil. When I'm not shagging, music's my bag, baby. It's where I get my Mojo. Do I make you randy? Do I? Do I? Me and my groovy lads will turn your pad into a swinging chin-dig. All the songs from my awesome movies and the groovy sixties that you love. So, whether you're looking for Mr. Right or just looking for Mr. Right Now, baby, this hip outfit's the one for you.

The Shags play all the songs from my awesome movies and the groovy sixties that you love. So whether you're looking for Mr. Right, or just looking for Mr. Right Now, baby, this hip outfit's the one for you."

If you're in need of a swinging party you and your guests won't soon forget, Awesome Powers and the Shagadelics are exactly what the Doctor (Evil) ordered.

Book Awesome Powers & The Shagadelics for your:

  • Corporate Event
  • Private Party
  • Wedding
  • Love-in
  • Bed-in
  • Scientific Symposium

You never know, those naughty high calibre femme bots may show up too. But don't worry, baby, they're shooting blanks! Yeah, baby! Yeah! The musicians in the Shagadelics have time-traveled in from across the universe to join forces with Awesome and Doctor Evil ...

The band is remarkably versatile, specializing in 60’s, 70’s and even current music that is typically featured in all 3 Austin Powers movies.

Most of the members of the band have had major touring/recording experience with some of North America's hottest acts including The Extras, Industrial Artz, Honeymoon Suite, Allen Frew, Amanda Marshall, The Spoons and Larry Gowan.

They have the versatility of up to 3 lead vocalists: "Austin", "Dr. Evil", and "Fat Bastard", and are able to provide a variety of self-contained services. From emceeing/character walkabouts, to even "opening up" for themselves (out-of-costume) i.e. acoustic duo dinner music or band top 40 … they have all the bases covered in one efficient and versatile entertainment package!

Important note: These performers only provide "meet & greet" services when the band is already engaged to perform (additional fees may be required for the "meet & greet" option.) They do not provide stand-alone, meet & greet services as celebrity look-alikes.

For more information, fees & booking Awesome Powers & The Shagadelics, contact us.

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