Futurist Richard Worzel – The Coronavirus, Stock Markets, and the Economy: What Should You Do Now?

The Covid-19 coronavirus is bad news for everyone, and in many different ways. The biggest, and most important way is that it will kill people, potentially millions of people. How many it will kill is as yet unknowable as we don’t yet know how contagious it is, and how many people who get it will die. I’ve tried doing back-of-the-envelope calculations based on the number of cases and number of deaths reported, and the numbers could be truly scary. Since I have no expertise in epidemiology, I won’t offer my calculations.

Where I do have some experience and expertise, because of my training in finance and investing, plus years of watching economic cycles, is in how the coronavirus outbreak is likely to affect the financial markets and national and global economies. And that’s not encouraging, either.

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