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Denise Marek

Stress Management & Resiliency Expert; Work Life Balance Speaker


Denise Marek is known as the Worry Management Expert. In addition to being regularly called upon as the expert in her field by national and international magazines such as: Martha Stewart's Body + Soul, United Kingdom's Red magazine, Australia's CLEO magazine, Canada's Chatelaine, Denise is the author of CALM and The Keys: Open the Door to True Empowerment and Infinite Possibilities. Due to their overwhelming success, her books have been published in several languages including Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Bulgarian, and Korean.  +

Through her proprietary CALM™ methodology and stress management techniques, lectures, consulting, videos, articles, and books, Denise has helped individuals and corporations worldwide eliminate worry and systematically create positive and lasting changes in attitudes, actions, teamwork, communication, and relationships.

Denise is the host of Daytime Durham on Rogers Television. Daytime is a daily lifestyle show, live at 11am to 12pm Tuesday to Friday, that shines the spotlight on everything Durham Region has to offer. Each day guests are welcomed to the studio for the latest on home, garden, food, entertaining, health, fitness, beauty and fashion.

In June, 2001, Denise was awarded the Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Award for Professionalism and Outstanding Achievement in Public Speaking. Denise was the first woman in Ontario to have ever received this honor; only 57 individuals worldwide have received the Accredited Speaker designation.

Denise’s client base is eclectic — anything from CEOs, senior management teams, and executives to First Nations, government agencies, school boards and more. Companies making use of Denise’s unique spin on positive change and stress management include: American Express, Toyota, CEO Global Network, RBC Royal Bank, Deloitte and Touche, Dundee, Manulife Financial, TD Canada Trust, Clarica, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and AIG. Denise’s clients credit her program for more effective and efficient work environments, less stress, and greater strategic planning success.  --

Topics & Categories
  • Change | Change Mgmt.
  • Difficult People
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Resources & Workplace Culture
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Mental Health
  • Morale Boosting
  • Motivational
  • Resiliency
  • Risk & Risk Management
  • Stress Management
  • Trainers
  • Women of Influence
  • Work-Life Balance

Denise Marek's Speaking Presentations:

CALM: Transform Worry into Inner Calm

If there was a way that you could stop worrying and truly move forward in your life, wouldn’t you want to know about it? In this dynamic session, Worry Management Expert Denise Marek reveals her simple yet powerful formula to help you eliminate worry and develop greater inner peace. You’ll discover strategies to immediately reduce anxiety and put an end to "what if" thinking. By the end of this session, no matter who you are, where you've been, or what you’re going through, Denise's practical steps will transform your worry into inner calm.  +

Never before has it been more important for us to learn how to deal with worry…

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America estimates that more than 4 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 54 suffer from chronic worry. Economic struggles, work stress, relationship breakdowns, health concerns, time constraints and more have added to our worry and anxiety.

Experts suggest one of the results of this stress and worry is a staggering increase in the amount of antidepressants prescribed each year. As reported in The New York Times (by Roni Caryn Rabin, August 2013), “Over the past two decades, the use of antidepressants has skyrocketed. One in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four.”

All of this worry comes at an extremely high cost…

The sufferer pays physical and emotional tolls and employers pay tremendous financial tolls, such as decreased productivity and increased downtime. The physical toll that anxiety places on our bodies often causes worriers to miss more work than other employees. Stress caused by worry has been known to contribute to hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes, ulcers, back pain, headaches, and strokes. In addition, worry can cause the body to store fat. Researchers have found that worry causes an inrease in the body’s level of the hormone cortisol. The elevated level of cortisol causes the body to increase fat storage in the abdominal area. Excess fat in the abdominal area can lead to heart disease and breast cancer.

The Solution…

Transform Worry into Inner Calm provides strategies to eliminate worry, break free from self-limiting beliefs, and develop inner peace. Through her personal stories and how-to strategies, Denise Marek proves that no matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’re going through, you can transform from worry into inner calm.

In this engaging and entertaining presentation, Denise Marek will guide you through her proven processes for eliminating worry and cultivating inner peace.

1. Learn a four-step process to stop worry in its tracks
2. Infuse excitement and passion back into your life
3. Boost your productivity and happiness
4. Discover three cures to end “What if” thinking
5. Finally feel more centered, balanced, and in control  --

CALM: The Keys to Reducing Stress for CEOs, Leaders, and Executives

In this engaging and entertaining presentation, Denise Marek will guide you through her proven four-step process for eliminating worry and cultivating inner peace. These practical steps are designed to significantly improve the success and lives of CEOs, leaders, and executives. Implementing Denise’s practical steps will result in less stress, more fun, and greater strategic success.

Ignite the Courage Within

You deserve to live your best life—a life of your design. Ignite the Courage Within is the one program that will truly inspire you to move forward and transform your life forever! In this keynote, you'll:

  • Learn how to get from where you are now to exactly where you want to be;
  • Release anything that’s getting in the way of what you want to do, be, or have;
  • Uncover your true authentic self;
  • Gain the courage to live the life of your heart’s desires;
  • Free yourself from non-physical trappings such as unhealthy thinking and negative belief systems;
  • Let go of the fear that keeps you stuck and struggling;
  • Uncover what you truly want and move forward into a happier future.

Risks For Success

Overcome fear and achieve success…

You’ve had it happen to you: You knew what you wanted, you started taking the steps and then fear brought you to grinding halt. The good news is you can overcome these roadblocks and achieve the success you desire.  +

Inspire and enhance individual and team performance…

Empower your participants to redirect their energy, take action and achieve their professional and personal goals. This content packed program has inspired thousands of individuals around the globe to overcome their fears and take the risks that are essential for success.

In this eye-opening and humorous presentation, Denise will personally outline the essential risks that will transform your life forever.

  • Discover a tool to determine if the risk is worth taking
  • Overcome the barriers that stop you in your tracks
  • Break free from self-limiting beliefs and conquer your fears
  • Increase productivity and personal satisfaction  --

Denise Marek is represented by K&M Productions for speaking engagements. For more information, fees & booking Denise Marek, contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Denise was AMAZING, AWESOME, WONDERFUL and absolutely the perfect end to our conference. Our attendees absolutely loved her presentation. Thanks once again to K&M Productions for providing such relevant and world class speakers for us.

–CSNNAA (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Assoc.)


Denise was AMAZING, AWESOME, WONDERFUL and absolutely the perfect end to our conference. Our attendees absolutely loved her presentation. Thanks once again to K&M Productions for providing such relevant and world class speakers for us.

–CSNNAA (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Assoc.)

One of the best conference speakers we've ever had. We have had nothing but positive feedback and effusive praise for her presentation and would highly recommend her.

–Health & Safety Conference Society of Alberta (HSCSA)

Denise, our team was thrilled with your incredible energy and inspirational messages. Thank you for sharing these useful tools to help us continue to grow and evolve. You are amazing!

–National Money Mart

Denise is the best speaker I've heard in a long time! She's passionate, energetic, vibrant, interesting, captivating, smart, and her stories are full of both pathos and humor! Simply put - she was excellent! On a scale of 1 to 10, she was an 11!

–Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

Thank you so much for taking part in our off-site. You really were a great beginning to what shaped up to be a wonderful time with the team. You really have a gift for using humour and candor to tell a story. We needed the time spent with you very much. We're so used to giving everyone else advice, it was nice to sit back and get some ourselves.

–Canadian Tire Retail

Thank you for your brilliant keynote speech and session in Cancun. I've always struggled with trying to get people to see the benefits of discipline, focus, and loyalty to name a few in our business. You've made a difference in my life in how I see situations and the results are incredible

–American Express

Your energy is exactly what we needed for our closing speaker and we are thrilled we found you. Great job Denise!

–London Life

Thank you Denise. What a wonderful presentation! I don't believe I've ever had such positive feedback about any of our pervious guest speakers. The Sales Reps were very impressed with you. Your talk was a great change from the normal "sales skills" that we usually hear. It truly gave some valuable life lessons that everyone would find helpful.

–Sutton Group-Heritage Realty Inc.

How fitting that you spoke of the Risks to Success as our organization is working through it's own transformation challenges. I recall our conversation back in May when I informed you that our audience was tough- you said "the tougher the better" and certainly delivered on your promise to ensure our members were entertained.

–Ontario Institute of the Purchasing Management Association


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