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  • Feb. 9, 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of the debut of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. We celebrate our ongoing representation (25 years and counting) of Canada's top Beatles tribute band THE CAVERNERS.    



  • Mental Health remains a vital issue in 2024. One of our most requested mental health speakers is MICHAEL LANDSBERG. One of the most moving & authentic presentations you'll ever experience. All companies & associations should have him.

Doug Hunt

Doug The Great - Stilts, Juggling and much more!
Guinness World Record holder

Show Description

Doug Hunt is a southern Ontario based, multi-talented stilt walker, juggler, magician, mime, balloon artist, and all round versatile entertainment specialist. His stilt-walking abilities feature a multitude of costumed stilt characters. Quite simply Doug is like the Swiss Army Knife of Stilt Walkers! He has over 17 different stilt characters. He combines magic, juggling, comedy, and stilt-walking to become "Doug The Great - Entertainer."

Stilt Walkers stand out in a crowd enhancing any parade, festival, fair, grand opening, product launch, corporate or family event. 

tallest stilt-walker doug hunt torontoOn September 23, 1998 Doug Hunt set a new Guinness record for the World's Tallest Stilt Walker by taking 54 independent steps on stilts measuring 50' 5" tall, (15.36 meters) and weighing 126 pounds (57.15 kilograms) combined.


Key Benefits
of Doug on Stilts:

  • Stilt walkers are highly visible and easily draw attention to where you want it;
  • Stilt walkers make a big impression - great for meeting and greeting and directing people traffic;
  • Guests love to have their picture taken with 'the tall guy';
  • Doug can switch between working on stilts and providing strolling entertainment on his feet throughout the engagement. It's like having several different entertainers all rolled into one!
  • Doug has a multitude of stilt characters. One is sure to suit your theme or he will create one especially for your event!
  • On stilts, Doug can be 8, 9, or 10 feet tall depending on the character and the venue.

(examples - click on thumbnail for larger image)

toronto stilt-walker doug hunt

Stilt-walking Clown with a musical back-pack and a great variety of up-beat tunes for magic, juggling, dancing and lots of fun!


elvis stilt-walker torontoElvis from the 'Jailhouse Rock' era. Very popular and fun - a sure hit with all generations.


see captain stilt-walker doug hunt torontoSea Captain featuring music with a nautical theme. 



captain canada stilt-walker doug hunt toronto

Captain Canada What's red and white and fun all over? Captain 
Canada! (The World's Tallest Mountie is also available.)


cowboy stilt-walker doug hunt torontoCowboy Doug featuring trick roping, 'quick on the draw' pencil-gun, & cowboy-themed music.


toy soldier stilt-walker doug hunt torontoToy Soldier with marching music and revolving key in the back.



carnival barker stilt-walker doug hunt toronto

Carnival Barker clad clown with tuxedo jacket and blue satin top- hat. 



mardi gras stilt-walker doug hunt toronto

Mardi Gras just like New Orleans, ju-ju stick, bird-like mask, very colourful.



firefighter stilt-walker doug hunt torontoFire-Fighter Doug dressed for action with a revolving emergency light, & emergency response sound effects.


bunny rabbit stilt-walker doug hunt torontoDoug's Bunny a formally-attired rabbit character (Pooka), wears a top hat with remote controlled ears & trick powder puff tail.


halloween stilt-walker doug hunt torontoD-MAN a frightening character with voice altering effects and eerie music. Great for Halloween theme events. 



hockey referee stilt-walker doug hunt torontoHockey Referee just like it sounds - striped shirt, hockey helmet & whistle. (no skates)



safari stilt-walker doug hunt torontoSafari Doug with a pit helmet and tan safari gear, Doug is ready for adventure!



pirate stilt-walker doug hunt torontoPirate a swashbuckler with a peg-leg (stilt) and pirate music.



Other Entertainment Services:

Strolling Entertainer
Doug The Great is also magician, juggler and comedian - all rolled into one. Doug travels light and can perform anytime, anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant entertainment, on the spot, for line-ups or wherever he is needed;
  • Strolling entertainment works equally well indoors or outdoors, for formal or informal events;
  • Enhances the atmosphere;
  • People just love to 'discover' the entertainment;
  • A great way to draw people to your booth, or store, or area;
  • No fuss entertaining. Needs no announcing. Needs no stage or special equipment. Doug just starts performing, gathers his own crowd and closes to move on, as needed;
  • Doug can switch between working on stilts and providing strolling entertainment on his feet throughout the engagement. It's like having several different entertainers all rolled into one!

Magic Show
Actually it's a stage-type show featuring magic, juggling, rope tricks, hat manipulation, and lots of comedy.

Key Benefits:

  • Entertainment for large crowds;
  • Doug can tailor his show to be a full 45 minutes or do several smaller segments in between other acts;
  • Doug has a large repertoire of skills and tricks to perform. You need never worry that he'll duplicate another performer's work;
  • Entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Doug Hunt is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, fees & booking stilt-walker Doug Hunt, contact us.

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