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David Ben

Speaker, Creativity Expert & Master Magician


Magician David Ben inspires people to strike the word “impossible” from their vocabulary. A master problem-solver, David uses his training as a former tax lawyer, a graduate of the London School of Economics, and a world-class magician to make perplexing problems in business simply disappear. +

Recognized among the world’s premier magicians, David was the sole protégé of one of the greatest sleight-of-hand artists of the 20th century, and has performed throughout North America, Mexico, England, and Japan. He has also developed special effects for theatre, film, and television productions, written six books, set up a performing arts foundation, curated a major museum exhibition, and programmed performances for an international arts festival.

Described as “one of the most influential magicians of his generation” by the Financial Post, David loves to share his passion for creativity, problem solving, innovation and mentorship. He has authored two books related to magic and business — Advantage Play: A Manager’s Guide to Creative Problem Solving and Tricks — and has appeared on numerous television programs, including Canada AM and Breakfast Television. --

Topics & Categories
  • Communication
  • Creativity | Innovation | Disruption
  • Humour & Variety
  • Motivational
  • Sales & Service
  • Unique & Interactive
  • Virtual Presentations


David Ben has three distinct keynote presentations – Advantage Play, Maximizing Sales and The Magic of David Ben - for corporate conferences, sales meetings and association programming. Magic is a metaphor with meaning and David uses it to empower his audience with serious and new ideas but in an entertaining manner.

Advantage Play +

David’s presentations are modular by design. The components—problem-solving, creativity, innovation, performance and mentorship—have been developed over the past forty years, built from David’s own career as a writer, performer, producer and consultant. Every keynote, presented under the umbrella title Advantage Play, is developed in consultation with the client and features a blend of components to ensure that each client’s meeting objectives are met.

Even though each presentation is a blend of components, David always addresses the overarching themes.

David Ben struck the word impossible from his vocabulary. As a world-renowned magician, David has to make problems disappear. Problem solving, he believes, is everyone’s core business. Unfortunately, few people have been taught how to solve problems in an effective and efficient manner. David demystifies the problem-solving process by taking his audience behind the scenes of the world of magic as he reveals tricks of the trade—and the methodology magicians use to perform the impossible.

Every activity is a sales opportunity. Whether people work in the field or behind the desk, success depends on how well they use and sell those skills, products or services that they provide. Again using magic as a metaphor, David distils this process into clear and simple terms, providing a strategy that truly maximizes success. His common sense approach ensures that clients and customers each receive exactly what they need, and when they need it.

David also demonstrates the true meaning of being proactive. As a magician, he has to make miracles happen. By performing magic and then explaining how the magic is created, his audience learns how to distinguish between real risk and perceived risk—and most importantly, that success is really the cumulative effect of many apparently inconsequential details, something most people take for granted.

David also reveals, based on his own extensive experience being a protégé and a mentor, the power of mentorship. He teaches how to find one, or how to be one, so that expertise can grow, for both individuals and organizations, exponentially.

Whatever the blend of components, his presentations are always as entertaining as they are enlightening. And David, should time permit or be allotted, is always open to answering questions from the audience.

His goal is to empower each participant with the will, and a way, to become a proven performer. It is a unique approach to learning a few new tricks for the trade presented by a unique individual—David Ben. --

Maximizing Sales +

David Ben's creative approach to business problems is an outstanding fit for sales audiences. A skilled salesperson himself (he has designed product launches for Colgate-Palmolive, IBM, and Canon Canada, and trade show presentations for Toshiba Canada, Amdahl, 3M, Panasonic and Ink Dezyne), David's dynamic sales presentation demonstrates that every activity is a sales opportunity.

Whether people work in the field or behind a desk, success depends on how well clients or colleagues are sold on their skills, products and services. Using magic as his metaphor, David demystifies the sales process and provides a strategy for maximizing sales. His common sense approach of strategic selling ensures that clients and customers receive exactly what they need when they need it in a manner that is efficient for both buyer and seller.

This presentation covers such critical topics as:

  • Understanding customer needs;
  • Maximizing revenue by finding new applications for existing products or services;
  • Using "negative" people to advantage;
  • Closing;
  • The importance of the "after-sell".

In a presentation that is both fun and informative, David provides timely, thought-provoking and practical advice that your sales team will draw on often in the months and years ahead.  --

The Magic of David Ben +

Planning a special event can be tricky, and choosing a speaker who will entertain your audience in a memorable and distinctive way is even more difficult. David Ben - hailed as "one of the finest magicians of our time" by The Financial Post - manages to fill that niche seamlessly. Whether it is a program of intimate magic for fifty people, or a full stage production for an audience of 1000, David captures the crowd.

In creating a private performance for your group or function, David draws on hours of material to construct the perfect program. He might program his computer to read the minds of audience members, have two women from the audience assist him in sawing a man in half, conjure a ghost to perform the impossible, or even suspend a member of the audience in mid-air. Although no two shows are the same, each performance has been designed to feed the mind with mystery, ignite the imagination, and provide a few laughs along the way. --

David Ben is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, fees & booking speaker David Ben, contact us.


As excited as I was to have engaged you as our headline speaker at this years annual Global Private Banking Conference, nothing could have prepared me for the exceptional presentation you delivered to our audience. Your performance was captivating. The lessons you gave by drawing comparisons between our two businesses were thought provoking, memorable, and right on target!



As excited as I was to have engaged you as our headline speaker at this years annual Global Private Banking Conference, nothing could have prepared me for the exceptional presentation you delivered to our audience. Your performance was captivating. The lessons you gave by drawing comparisons between our two businesses were thought provoking, memorable, and right on target!


In brief - you were simply outstanding! While most people are impressed with your magical talents, many also have a keen sense of appreciation as to how many of your magical design concepts can be so readily applied to the way we think and act in a business environment. For example, your 'creative thinking presentation' (Magic by Design) was an exceptionally well structured lead into our break-out sessions at the PLC.

–Deloitte & Touche Management Consultants

While there was some initial trepidation of inviting a "magician", I no longer have any reservations. The comments and evaluations of the HR executives indicate that your presentation was quite magical in addressing the issue of change management in a very professional manner. Although you label yourself as an entertainer and magician, I think the more appropriate label is inspirational speaker. I was most appreciative that you customized your presentation to fit our format. The outcome was most successful for all concerned.

–The Conference Board of Canada

After having seen many speakers in the past, I believe there are not many who can compare themselves with the informative and, yet at the same time, entertaining style of David Ben.

–BDO Dunwoody

The magic and the message in your presentation was well received by our staff. I'm very pleased with how well you were able to customize the presentation to suit our requirements. It was thoroughly entertaining while combining an important business message. An excellent performance.

–The National Life Assurance Company of Canada

I'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of the entire Public Affairs team, to thank you for your astounding motivational speech. Your performance left us all spellbound. We still don't know how you did it, but we're sure glad that you did!


The word on the street over here is that you created magic on many levels. First of all let me just say that we were impressed with your level of professionalism. From accommodating the time change and still giving us your all, to living your word at managing the fire alarm. In that moment you were the consummate professional who not only spoke of change and innovation, but demonstrated it. Thank you for being entertaining, funny, enlightening, compelling and a true example of leadership in adversity.



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