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  • Mental Health remains a vital issue in 2024. One of our most requested mental health speakers is MICHAEL LANDSBERG. One of the most moving & authentic presentations you'll ever experience. All companies & associations should have him.

Scott Stratten

Expert in UnMarketing


For generations, marketing has been hypocritical. We’ve been taught to market to others in ways we hate being marketed to — so why do we keep trying the same stale marketing moves? Scott Stratten — named one of the “Top Five Social Media Influencers in the World” on — is an “unmarketer” and an expert in viral, social, and authentic marketing. Using real life, practical examples, along with a good dose of humour, he shows audiences how to “unlearn” the old ways and consistently attract, engage, and hold on to the right customers.

Formerly a music industry marketer, national sales training manager, and college professor, Stratten is currently the president of UnMarketing. Prior to this, he ran one of the most successful viral video agencies in the world for nearly a decade before solely focusing on speaking. He has worked with companies like Walmart, PepsiCo, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Cirque du Soleil, and Saks Fifth Avenue to help them navigate their way through the landscape of business disruption.

Stratten is the co-author of six bestselling business books. His most recent titles include The Jackass Whisper: How to Deal with the Worst People at Work, at Home, and Online — Even When the Jackass is You and UnBranding: 100 Branding Lessons for the Age of Disruption. His writing has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine,,, and Fast Company, among many other media outlets.

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All keynotes are customized for the audience, so nothing feels “out of the can” or generic. Whether it’s a B2C, B2B, Marketing, Sales, Leadership or a mixed audience, the message is always on point and resonates. With that in mind, there are always pre-event calls with Scott and the client as it always helps to have some guideline to use for conference programs and audiences beforehand.

In-Person / Virtual Keynotes:

UnLeadership: Leading for Tomorrow, Today +

With disruption at full force, leadership today is different than any time in recent history. Leaders today and tomorrow can thrive more than ever if done correctly. Told in Scott’s signature storytelling style, this presentation is mixed with both humor and practicality so the audience leaves with tools that can be used immediately to better themselves and their company.

Some key lessons:

  • To acknowledge not only what we’ve been through, but where we can go in the future
  • How to create a stronger team bond
  • The most important leadership trait going forward
  • How dealing with problem customers can strengthen your company
  • Create an environment where a multi-generational workforce can thrive --

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging +

The tried and true ways of marketing have turned into tired and old, not to mention ineffective. The ability to build relationships and be heard by your market has never been greater, but it is overwhelming to determine what tools to use. This session covers both online and offline methods of staying in front of your target audience, so when they have the need to buy, they choose you. Scott will show attendees proven ways to connect more than ever before and after this session, you will have the practical tools to implement the tactics right away.

Some key lessons:

  • Creating brand-based community
  • Managing online feedback and reviews
  • Sales enablement
  • Keeping integrity and authenticity at the heart of your marketing --

Content is King (and Queen) +

Over the past twenty years, UnMarketing has been at the forefront of content marketing, with over a million podcast downloads, millions of views on YouTube and a social media following in the hundreds of thousands. In this presentation, Scott will take you behind the curtain and show you how it’s all done. Learn how to create better online experiences for your customers, co-workers, and employees.

Some key concepts:

  • Live video and Zoom – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Content creation – options include writing, speaking, podcasting and video (both live and pre-recorded)
  • Content distribution – choosing platforms, virality, and optimization --

UnSelling: The New Customer Experience +

Based on the “800-CEO READ: Sales Book of The Year” this presentation is about the big picture: creating repeat customers, not one-time buyers. Attendees will learn how to create loyal clients that refer others and how to become the go-to company for something before they even need you.

In this highly energetic and engaging talk, audiences will learn a new way of thinking about business that will completely change the way you sell, for the better. It’s time to separate from the pack of noise. It’s time to UnSell.

Some key lessons:

  • Avoiding funnel vision but utilizing the concepts of Pivot and Pulse
  • The Sales Cloud – how purchase decisions are made today
  • The power of content, connection and engagement --

UnBranding: Loyalty in the Age of Disruption +

We’re living in the age of disruption. Today’s business climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Every week it seems there’s a new strategy, social media site or technology that’s a “must use” or a “game-changer”. What we lose in this endless quest for the next bright-and-shiny business object is that at the core of business, while everything has changed, nothing is different. Trust, connection, consistency, and service will always trump any new app to hit the market.

In this keynote, Scott will walk the audience through what is real and what are only smoke screens in the business world today.

Some key concepts:

  • The Millennial Myth. The younger generation may create new challenges for business, but not in the way people are saying.
  • UnBranding. How everyone in the company creates the brand on a daily basis.
  • The Disruptors. Disruption simply means change without time to resist it. Learning how to anticipate and deal with it as it comes. --

Ethics & Building an Authentic Online Brand +

With over a million downloads, the popular UnPodcast, The Business Show for the Fed Up, has become a beacon of consumer advocacy and good business practices. Ethics is not a renewable resource – learn how to manage your online reputation as Scott shares what we’ve learned in over 300 episodes and many thousands of hours online.

Some concepts include:

  • Value convergence: why acting your values can be good (or bad) for your business
  • Best practices for social media
  • Publicized customer service --

Virality +

In this presentation, your attendees will learn all about what goes into making content “go viral” and how you can create your own sticky content. With millions of views online and more than twenty-five years of experience in this space, Scott will share everything he’s learned while creating videos for clients and for UnMarketing.

Some key concepts:

  • Third Circle: what makes things go viral, and what does viral even mean?
  • Behind the scenes stories from some of our most popular videos
  • Don’t stop the spread: how to remove barriers to sharing your content --

To inquire about Scott Stratten's speaking schedule, fees & booking Scott Stratten, contact us.

What Clients are Saying

I have been involved with Domino’s for almost 30 years and Scott Stratten is hands down the best keynote speaker I have ever heard speak at any of our Franchisee meetings!

–Ken Peebles, CEO, Domino’s Pizza Franchisee Association


I have been involved with Domino’s for almost 30 years and Scott Stratten is hands down the best keynote speaker I have ever heard speak at any of our Franchisee meetings!

–Ken Peebles, CEO, Domino’s Pizza Franchisee Association

His presentation absolutely blew everyones socks off!

–Social Media Camp

Scott Stratten was second day keynote of our conference in New Orleans – not an easy task for sure! He blew everyone away with his amazing energy, fun examples and expert insights. Scott had everyone laughing, clapping enthusiastic…in many ways he set the tone for our entire conference.

–Adobe Systems

I want to thank you so much for your entertaining, thought-provoking and inspirational presentation to our group. You have an amazing gift and you captured the attention of every person in the room. I especially loved how you made sure your message was relevant to our team, and demonstrated that you understood where we might be coming from. The team feedback was unanimous, 97% rated your presentation as “excellent’!  I once again learned that I shouldn’t follow you onto the podium!

–Customer Communications & Marketing, BMO Financial Group

Here’s what makes Scott Stratten different and awesome: he’s a conference keynote speaker, yet he’ll arrive a day early and mingle with attendees in the exhibit hall. Just because. He’ll decide to engage in a live Google Hangout that marries a live audience with an Internet audience — because he knows the value it has to attendees. He’ll show up and deliver an amazing talk that has our attendees literally laughing so hard they hurt; yet learning so much they can’t wait to act on it all. And after all of that, he’ll still rush out to the lobby to shake hands, take pictures and actually practice what he’s preaching. Engagement isn’t just something Scott writes or talks about: it’s something the man actually lives. Period. His ability to walk the talk — not just talk — puts him on an entirely different and awesome level.

–Paul Jackson, CEO, HW Publishing LLC

Scott was one of the most well received speakers we have ever had.  Not only was he engaging, but also informative.  Delegates were able to walk away with valuable and usable information.  People are already asking us to have him back again next year. He really was, as one delegate wrote, “FABULOUS”.

–Rachel Cleland, Association Manager of Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MACU)

For over an hour, Scott enlightened and entertained a very jaded group on the changing landscape of social media with insightful and  humorous examples of brand initiatives. Of all the conference speakers, Scott ranked the highest in delivering content and keeping our audience engaged. I’d highly recommend Scott as a potential keynote.

–Director-Worldwide Sales, Hard Rock International

One of the most powerful, entertaining and knowledgeable speakers that I’ve ever had the opportunity to hear speak.

–New Marketing Labs


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