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Kelsey Ramsden

Award-winning Entrepreneur & Business Powerhouse;
Disrupting the Status Quo


Kelsey Ramsden was Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur ranked #1 by Profit and Chatelaine Magazines in 2012 & 2013.  She is also a bonafide business acrobat, internationally recognized speaker, Richard Branson Centre Mentor, Contributor to the Huffington Post & Entrepreneur Magazine. She’s is an innovator and implementer who acts on instincts and does so with integrity. +

She’s her own dynamic duo of westcoast gal and eastern business powerhouse who has started and run successful multimillion dollar companies in fields as diverse as road construction and kids toys. Her businesses consistently rank among Canada’s Top 100 fastest growing and most profitable.

Self described as “a bonafide business acrobat who marries street wit and formal education foundations, and is both venom and virtue, approaching business with cross-hair focus and integrity underlying every shot.”

Her goal is to give you a window through which you can see yourself with freedom in your business and living a life inspired by you. To give you the tools to build the life you deserve, the life you dream about, a life with boundless success sewn into it.

Kelsey leads by example, is no nonsense and inspires people around her with her infectious vision. She founded Belvedere Place Development, a construction firm that builds roads and other infrastructure in B.C. and the Caribbean, and Tallus Ridge Development.  She infused her company with a combination of size, sales growth and profitability that has ranked her No. 1 on the 2012 PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 list of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs.

Then as a mother of three she was sparked by the question: “how do I find time to play with our children in a more meaningful, enriching way?”  In response, she founded the company SparkPlay, a monthly adventure pack sent to you and your children monthly by mail.

Kelsey sits on the Entrepreneurship Council at the Richard Ivey School of Business along with 13 other visionaries and accomplished entrepreneurs from across Canada and the United States.

A cancer survivor, Kelsey is an optimist and solutions focused negotiator who delivers win-win results through clear communication.

She holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Victoria and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, but feels she has received her greatest education from her husband and family; who have consistently shown that passion, perseverance and integrity yield unparalleled returns personally and professionally. --

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Kelsey Ramsden loves to rock the stage for events from 30 to 3000, bringing with her the hard-won insights she's racked up over the last 12 years building multimillion dollar businesses and coaching other entrepreneurs. Her speaking style blends raw candor with proven business strategies, and resonates with audiences ranging from CEOs to students. + 

Some of her favourite topics include:

  • Compass over Maps – on managing change and developing balance
  • The Other 4 Letter ‘F’ Word – on the possibility that risk might be opportunity with a bad name tag
  • My Story – on making good from an underachiever to industry disruptor
  • Engagement – on how to bring people on side by starting with an inside job
  • Choosing Having What You Want Most Over Having it All – the modern struggle for balance and how corporates and entrepreneurs can address it

If you want your audience to leave with light bulb sparkage and keep talking about your event for days…

If you want someone with sky-high success who walks on the ground…

If you want to break free of the stale, colourless business topics that are commandeering the industry right now……you need to have Kelsey Ramsden live. --

Kelsey Ramsden Speaking Presentations:

Is This My Life? A guide to finding the answer +

It’s the question we often find ourselves asking when we realize, almost by accident, that we’ve veered off our intended path despite our best intentions. And we suddenly wake up one morning feeling lost and adrift, not quite remembering how we got on this quicksand island. In this presentation, Kelsey shares raw wisdom and gritty perspective to help you deal with the truths and turning points that are awaiting you just around the corner. --

Never Ready, Set, Go: A game plan for where you want to go +

You’ve heard it before: Going outside our comfort zone is what cues epic stuff to happen in our lives and careers. But oftentimes, we let the risk of failure outweigh the probability of success, simply because we can’t shake the heavy fears that are piggybacking on our dreams and goals. The reality is: We’re never ready. And while we’re constantly planning, psyching ourselves up and assuming that the worst will happen, someone else is trying—and getting a huge head start on us. Kelsey shares some off-the-cuff candor and unfiltered entrepreneurial experiences to show you how to go from considering all the ‘what-ifs’ to all the ‘how-tos’, so you can create a game plan for where you want to go (and get there in record time). --

Back of the Envelope – How to establish a sound and progressive practice using creativity, risk, and innovation +

Most of what we know for sure can be captured on the back of an envelope. The issue with “back-of-the-envelope” management is that we spend time in comfort, in the things we know, repeating what we know works…until it doesn’t. Kelsey Ramsden was Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, ranked #1 by Profit and Chatelaine Magazines in 2012 and 2013. She has founded and run businesses as diverse as construction and children’s toys. She’ll walk you through the fundamentals of rethinking, clarifying blind spots, and how you can build a solid strategy for the future by changing what you hold dear on the back of that envelope. Get down ‘n’ dirty with your hold-ups so you can unearth your awesomeness! --

Barefoot Boardroom MBA +

The Barefoot MBA kicks you out of bed, walks you to the mirror and shows you that life is worth every minute. Ramsden started with gusto, got knocked down, felt supported and was given systems to get back up and in line with her own version of success. Kelsey is a master and commander, artist and mathematician, mover and shaker, giver and moneymaker. She has developed a process to create the life of your dreams that satisfies your inner gifts, your supporting crew, your loyal customers and your legacy of this life. --

Kelsey Ramsden is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, fees, Kelsey Ramsden's speaking schedule & booking Kelsey Ramsden contact us.


From the very first minute we met, she exceeded our expectations, proving to be more than just friendly and energetic; she was simply fascinating. Her thought provoking keynote made the audience engage in critical self reflection in order to improve. She captured the audience.

–London School of Economics, UK


From the very first minute we met, she exceeded our expectations, proving to be more than just friendly and energetic; she was simply fascinating. Her thought provoking keynote made the audience engage in critical self reflection in order to improve. She captured the audience.

–London School of Economics, UK

Our audience appreciated Kelsey’s vulnerability in sharing things that other speakers find too candid. They really connected with her and she absolutely exceeded our expectations. We are careful with topic selection to ensure our audience can relate, this event yielded rave reviews.

–GE Canada

You exuded confidence, strength, and determination that was easy for our audience to feed off of, making them feel as if they can do anything. You connected with the attendees through your authenticity and genuineness while offering valuable tools to help them move forward both personally and professionally.

–Inspiring Women


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