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  • Mental Health remains a vital issue in 2024. One of our most requested mental health speakers is MICHAEL LANDSBERG. One of the most moving & authentic presentations you'll ever experience. All companies & associations should have him.

Stuart Knight

Expert Communicator | Award-Winning Entrepreneur

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Stuart Knight helps the world’s biggest companies reach new levels of success. An award-winning entrepreneur, communications expert, and critically acclaimed author, Stuart’s clients are the “who’s who” of business — from Nike and Telus, to Kraft and BMO — with his presentations  seen by over one million people worldwide. Believing that organizations are only as strong as their people, Stuart uses hilarious stories and well-earned insights to motivate everyone to achieve their goals in both their professional and personal lives.

The author of You Should Have Asked: The Art of Powerful Conversation, and The Madness of My Mind, Stuart also writes a weekly blog followed by over ten thousand people.

The founder of The Top Ten event, one Canada’s biggest speaking extravaganzas, Stuart brings together many of the world’s most interesting people to share their stories in support of charitable causes.

Topics & Categories
  • Change | Change Mgmt.
  • Communication
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement
  • Human Resources & Workplace Culture
  • Leadership
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Resiliency
  • Team-Work & Collaboration
  • TED Speakers

Stuart Knight Speaking Presentations:

Rock it by Talking It - Communication & Connection
The importance of inclusion, human connection and community

Any organization can include catchy phrases in their mission statement that talk about the importance of inclusion, human connection and community, but until they actively do something about it, those are just words on a website. I’m here to help those who have the guts to not just talk it, but rather are ready to walk it, and to ultimately rock it!”

  • Gain understanding of the science behind authentic human connection, and how it can positively influence workplace culture.
  • Discover how to practice inclusivity by creating meaningful connections between all employees regardless of race, religion and gender
  • Learn the skill of building personal relationships with the intention of increasing productivity, collaboration, innovation and overall morale.

The Choice: 5 Decisions All Leaders Make

Do you know why some companies are more successful than others? Here’s a hint. It has nothing to do with their people waking up earlier, working harder or having prestigious degrees. They simply have leaders who make six decisions every single day.

Let’s face it, life can get hectic sometimes. Correction. Life is hectic all of the time! Between constant meetings, phone calls, emails, reading reports, going to the gym and dropping the kids off at school we can easily be distracted from the core decisions all leaders must make in order to reach our full potential.

During this high energy, entertaining and hilarious keynote presentation, Stuart shines a new and exciting perspective on the fundamental building blocks that have always propelled leaders forward, while reminding them of what they need to do today to live their best life. By touching on subjects such as fear, anxiety, stress, goal setting, creativity, innovation and resiliency Stuart Knight takes your audience on a rollercoaster of emotions and ideas leaving them inspired to get back to the basics and take a major step forward toward greater success!

Audience Takeaways:

  • Develop a razor sharp focus on how you positivity impact your key stakeholders.
  • Learn how to show up as the highest version of yourself in the midst of difficult change.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the tools required to overcome stress, anxiety and worry.
  • Learn how to effectively take risk.
  • Develop the skill of using creativity to solve problems and hit targets.
  • Establish a daily practice of resilience.
  • Understand the strategy for stretching yourself past your perceived potential.
  • Better understand the role you and your organization play within the greater global community.

During this keynote, Stuart shines a new and exciting perspective on the fundamental building blocks that have always propelled leaders forward, while reminding them of what they need to do to live their best life. This keynote is also offered as a workshop.

Four Conversations for Success

Anyone can talk business. When was the last time you talked life? How do you feel when the guy behind the counter remembers your name? Why do people work hard for some managers and not others? Do your clients look forward to seeing you? What do you know about your customers that your competition doesn’t? Do you see them? They’re everywhere. That’s right, they are called people and if you don’t really know them, you’re just another company trying to survive.

You Should Have Asked - The Art of Powerful Conversation

Stuart wrote his first book entitled, You Should Have Asked – The Art Of Powerful Conversation after his friend Paul told him he should turn the workshop he was doing on the same subject into something people could read anywhere anytime. Stuart didn’t think there would be that much demand, but after being pressed on it for about a year, he finally wrote it. It’s now a national best seller. When you are ready to boycott what you thought about human relationships and start connecting in a way that will dramatically improve your physical and mental health, look no further

To inquire about Stuart Knight's speaking schedule & booking Stuart Knight contact us.

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What Clients are Saying

Stuart was such a hit at our Conference that we made it a priority to have him back in for a Province wide tour.

–Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario


Stuart was such a hit at our Conference that we made it a priority to have him back in for a Province wide tour.

–Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

Stuart Knight has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience. At one moment you are laughing hysterically, and the next moment you are on the edge of your seat as he shares profound insights into the world we live in.

–Sun Microsystems

Stuart is an amazing talent – inspirational, motivational, wickedly creative, and best of all funny! I highly recommend his shows or corporate speaking engagements to everyone or anyone.

–Redux Media

I received GREAT feedback on your session. The majority of the delegates have been coming to this for over 10 years and many people told me personally you were the best speaker we have ever had.

–Canadian Employee Relocation Council

We just had Stuart Knight as our opening keynote for a leadership retreat and he was the highlight of the conference.  The audience loved his high energy, humor and relevant messages that they use every day in their businesses.  He was a joy to work with and took the time to make the talk personalized to our industry.  I would recommend Stuart to any organization ready to teach their team to how to build better relationships!

–Eye Recommend

Stuart’s presentations are a combination of entertainment, education, inspiration and fun. They provide a unique environment for individuals to maximize their inter-connections thus promoting ideas and alliances, while generating real momentum within the group.


Stuart Knight had the challenge, at our national conference, of engaging an audience of franchisees and head office staff who have ‘heard it all before’ in terms of motivational speakers.  He knocked it out of the park.  Stuart’s command of the stage, his masterful skills as a moderator and his entertaining style of delivery compelled people to see things in new ways — and to think about and experience the art of interaction and the power of meaningful conversation as critical success factors in their business and personal lives.  I would highly recommend Stuart as a keynote speaker for anyone looking to engage attendees, entertain and offer them actionable insights for living a fuller and richer life.

–Pita Pit


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